Sunday, November 16, 2008

Trench Coat Nothing Under

No Pictures cus sometimes I look better in your imagination. LMAO.

"This morning I woke up feeling very West Side Story hence the white button down, red scarf tied around neck, black skinnies rolled up, men hard bottom shoes no socks." That was a conversation I had with a friend this summer over brunch.

From time to time I'll run into my friend and she'll ask...What was your inspiration today? Of course I always make up some shit on the spot that sound right cus I like to tell stories if you haven't noticed.

So this Friday I attended the Coup d'etat Brooklyn's Art Show and since they fine and stuck up in a sweet sorta way like yours truly I knew I had to go the extra mile and pretend it was by accident.

Ended up wearing a vintage trench coat as a shirt ;) (yeah i know you like that) black skinnies and vintage cowhide booties. When I got the coat I knew it was so tailored to my body that I wouldn't be able to wear it as a coat sooooooo it was premeditated murder...I must confess.

Can I just say it was so sexy I'd do myself (ay ay ay get yo mind right) and yet sophisticated....

The response is always interesting to say the least, very interesting. Folks respond to the way you present yourself. I realize I make folks intrigued and uncomfortable and I like it. Still tryna figure how to turn it into profit.

The outfit is what Dirty Class is all about.

A friend commented that I was dressed to seduce, who me?! Never. I'm ready for my close up biotch heres my card check out my new website Period. Im not here to meet no body I'm about my business. PERIOD! of course I denied it to the end but in the back of my mind...I'm thinking.....ooooh. aaah. mmmm. siigh. my crush is here and I wanna ask if I faint do you know CPR? (with my head to the side, hearts flowing from my eyes) GET IT! Hells NO Im cool, I'm cool. ICE COLD!

Scratch that!! I'm focused man. I'm focused. Here's my card check out my site. whew.

Dress like the boss to be the boss. Looking cute is cute but building an empire is all about strategy. Pay Attention.

I was actually feeling very Investigative Reporter as well...I went to check out the scene and where I fit in....I'd be lying if I didn't confess I really went as a flasher, one of my secret fantasies...TMI once again. sorry....

Pssssssst hey! come mere you wanna see somethin'?? I rip my coat open and try to hustle you some jewelry :) ay i got earrings, necklaces, clothes..watchu need? 007 DVD? it's a clear copy. LOL DAMN im funny. Full Frontal Nudity.

Role play everyday and keep it fresh.


Oh btw. The black umbrella was a prop and matched my pants and the handle matching my boots was not by accident. uh huh. I know.


The plural of I said...

I wanna see godammit! lol

Kholi said...

yo! has become my favorite blog ... like i look at it b4 i look at fashion bomb. and i dont look at god b4 fashion bomb. lol.

p.s. dont play like u didn't get ur invite to authentic.

Kitty Hawk Vaz said...

your not well.

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