Monday, November 10, 2008

It's too early for this

No I'm not falling asleep in this picture...I only dozed off for half a second.

Off to a new freelance gig so I have to look freelance professional (I'll go into detail on what that means when I have more energy and brain power) 

The gig is in at an ad agency in the City Hall area so it's probably somewhat corporate. My agency didn't give me much details or maybe I wasn't really listening to anything other than the rate. PAY ME!!!

So this morning I get up late cus I didn't get much sleep, was updating the site, catching up on emails, editing photos when I suddenly realized it was 2am and I have to be up by 7am. Not good, don't know what to expect at this new gig. So I gotta load up on the coffee all day to keep me alert. NOT GOOD. This is a old. new. habit. I worry about black coffee staining my teeth but i neeeeed it. Nothing sprinkling baking soda on your tooth paste wont fix. That's my secret. Try it, works wonders.

Only 30 minutes to get ready.

DEFAULT PANTS ALERT. Black skinnies always do the trick, except I got these recently and they've stretched!!! Grrrrrr. Or maybe I lost weight?!? YAY! :/ right.

This is what I came up with, changed my shirt twice but no time to take pics. sorry, gotta run. Then I found this one, which I love, it's supposed to tie up into an 80s secretary bow but...that's done so I just let it hang like a scarf in a sofisticado sorta way. :)

Fashion makes me happy.

Already had in mind to wear a blazer and chose this vintage navy velvet suede shoes (paying a return visit), the blouse pretty much makes the outfit. 

After the pic I threw on a big gold ring and gold bracelets on each side to match the gold buckle on my shoes. I know thats fly. Thanks. No necklace because of the scarfy things hanging and because the blouse is so light in weight didnt want to overpower my statement piece. Ok. gotta go!!

Sorry I couldn't share the steps. I'm late and in freelance TIME really is MONEY!


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