Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Starts with a feeling

Starts with a feeling....This morning it was easy getting dressed, I was still dazed and confused from the surrealism of last night. WHEW! This morning I woke up feeling like an Executive Artist. I'm ready to rule the world and I'm going to dress like it.

The blouse is navy with beige, the vest beige with navy stripes, dark navy slacks and dark navy suede Gucci loafers (lightly worn found this summer at an undisclosed salvation army for $5 the second happiest day of my life, last night being THE happiest.)

Running late!! uuuh! I think I'm ready to go....need the final touches, jewels, Yakblak vintage sunnies in a round burnt orange frame (for a pop of color), dark purple coat, dark purple scarf with navy accents, maroon bag.

Yawn, I know I'm tired and running late but....something about this outfit doesn't me smile inside. I feel boring. Put together but boring. It's the coat..lemme try this one.

Ah yes....that's more like it. The jacket has the same ballooniness :) (*new word of the season) as the vest, giving the outfit a modern twist. The outfit is still structured but this jacket gives me a more relaxed look. You gotta love when things come together.

Now I'm super late BUT I got today's blog entry ;) which I will go ahead and upload from the freelance gig I'm late for....where I

Savore the day.


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