Monday, November 24, 2008

Kanye West's Raccoon Tail

Oh for the love of s'aint yacque!!!!

Quite a few folks contacted me last night and this morning asking, congratulating me on getting my signature raccoon tail on THE Kanye West. Unfortunately folks...he ain't get it from me.....sigh.

I've been selectively peddling these tails for the last five years. Not putting them on my website and only selling them to selective folks that I thought were TAIL WORTHY. That obviously wasn't the move. 

Im a bit sad, a bit excited that folks would associate anything on this MAN with little ol me. I'm the one hunched over the sewing machine in my bedroom so no....I wish. BUT if you're reading this blog and you're interested in getting you a tail. 

Holla at your girl. It's now a free for all. Cus if I don't do's gonna get done any ol way.


LICHIBAN said...

yo yo q-tip got one too

Apollo The Great said...

damn ... wish you got the credit for that jawn ... hopefully Ye will see the blog and contact you for future tails

Kitty Hawk Vaz said...

Biters will be biters.. (not Kanye but the mark ass buster who Jacked Yak....cause you know they DID..this world is too small)

but for real... its time to bubble, burst, claim Yah Shit. We've been knowing your swell! Now let the world know.

too bad you cant copyright your swagger boo!

Anonymous said...

Could i please have one!


audrey said...

oohhhh!! ive been looking everywhere for one !! how do i get my hands on one plz!!

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