Monday, November 10, 2008

Note of Caution!!!

There is a secret fashion language unbeknownst to the average man.  That is why I've decided to start a new column: Note of Caution sorta like Fashion Society Faux Pas Guide.

I'm not here to tell you what not to wear, that was done before folks were telling you what to wear. That's deep.

Note of Caution #1 - No Biting

As a person who believes that everything should be one of a kind and that pieces that are special to you should not be gotten by your friends or people in your circle. For that I share.

For example, everyone has their distinct style. Every fashionista has their "thing" that's easy to identify if you pay attention. There's a fellow fashionista I've seen around town that wears Mickey Mouse/Disney shirts, yeah Al from the Minority Report (no he's not stuck up, he's a virgo). If I see anyone in the scene wearing Mickey I'd call him a BITER to his face. It's just that simple. Apparently folks have been forgetting this age old rule. 

I see folks biting each others style on a regular basis these days, designers doing very similar designs whether in jewelry or fashion, etc. It's unbelievable to me growing up in an age that that was the ultimate No No. 

Allow me to illustrate how serious this rule is, if I in conversation mention that I am looking for a pink vintage tuxedo shirt. Do I have to say it? You in no way, shape or form set out to find a vintage tuxedo shirt in ANY color. Cus why? I called it.

Pay attention.

Sure, knock yourself out complimenting those who you think are fly.

1. You can ask who about the designer
2. DO NOT ask price, it's tacky. 
3. If the person replies that it is a thrift item. DO NOT ask where they thrift. That is priveldged information that is only share with a very select few.

Understand that it is not personal, understand that thrifting is a competitive sport, that you only have one chance to come out a winner. True thrifters never tell. You tell one friend and that friend tells another and next thing you know you'll start wondering where all the good shit went. I just can't take that type of risk.

What if you just happen to stop by the store a day before me to find that worn leather, vintage doctor's bag I've been searching for...oooh! Don't let me see you in the streets!!!

If I tell you I'd have to kill you dude!

Words of Wisdom: Be original

your friend and foe,

Yah Diggy?


SAKIR said...

Sorry but I have a Mickey Mouse shirt that I wear occasionally. Why? Cause I'm from Orlando and have gone to Disney a dozen times. So as a cease fire I won't wear it to any events he may be at. LOL!


She know the deal. Word.

Kitty Hawk Vaz said...

bitter bite, I know riiiight!
so much for my bob...bump that.... watch how i freak it... call me etta james baby!

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