Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Not only a lady...OUR First Lady!!!!

I was trying to avoid getting political on this blog....I tried, I tried, I tried.

Actually this is not a political statement. This is a fashion statement which you'll be seeing often because my girl Mrs. O (as I affectionately call her) has been making the fashion news since day one. (throw your hands in the air and wave um like you just don't care!!)

Every time she steps out she is STYLED!!! I can't even get my thoughts straight. Words truly can not explain how I felt last week, proud is an understatement....but this...this might push me over the edge!!!!!

You mean to tell me we get OBAMA for President of the United States of AMERICA AAAAAAAAAAND as a bonus we get a fashionable first lady!?!??! WHAT??! WHAT!?!?

This is all the reparation a girl like me needs...for real. :) Keep your forty acres
gimme Blacks in couture at the White House. ahahahaha!

My fair lady was voted NUMERO 1 on Vogue's Best dressed of the Week.

I actually wasn't feeling this dress so much...I know, I know....but I gotta be honest!! Wasn't feeling the gradation of the red on black even though I KNOW her color choice was NOT accidental. BLACK for POWER. RED for POWER. Okay!! Um hmmm!!!!! OMFG! This is too good to be true, every time I think about my FIRST family I get chills! Whew!!! Deep breathes.

Mrs. O's dress was straight off the (LATINO :) Narcisco Rodriguez runway FYI.
Two snaps up in Z formation for that!!! WHAT!!

HAPPY, HAPPY, JOY, JOY!!! It's going to be a fashion filled 8 years :)

HMMM!!! I've always thought scrap booking was about the corniest thing on the planet BUT....

Dazing off.....

Noooooo I'm not going to start scrapbooking a Mrs. O fashion book and put gold stars and hearts all over each page. Never that kid. I'm too hardcore for that. (oooh now I have a real reason to get the Cricut so I can cut out I HEART OBAMA in red sparkly vinyl!! Oh hells no whats happening to me??!?!

Could it be I'm falling in looooooove with you baby?! Yeah I think your girl FINALLY understands what love feels like. My heart skips a beat just thinking bout my FIRST family. Too deep for this blog so I'm just gonna keep it moving.

Shhh dont tell nobody I've gone soft. shhh.

I'll still karate chop you if you cross me. yeah. and what?!



so many people were hating on that dress (including my mom)...

she looked stunning!


Yes she did, her stature and grace make her stunning in jeans and a tshirt. She has that. The dress. Eh. Michelle...aaah.

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