Thursday, November 27, 2008

My Fashion Challenge Entry/21MC Pancho Shoot

Guess who got invited to be part of the 21MC Pancho Photoshoot....that would be lil ol me. NOT YOU! 

They asked me to style but I was really there taking notes. Seeing the inner workings of a dope ass team in action. Know that COCOLAH.COM told you first that 21MC and 21Trillion will dominate the world. Pay Attention.

What can I say about That Kid Named are a lot of folks out there with high tech cameras in their hands with it set permanently on AUTOMATIC...I'm not sayin....I'm JUST saying. Trust me when I tell you that this Kid right here...even doh she look 12 ok a true photographer....she was manipulating LIGHT and SPEED creating art with a few simple clicks. DOPE.

Yego was talking that DIRECTOR talk like..."I want you to feel like you OWN this piece of land you stand ON".....uh... Dude huh?...that's some higher level shit can you just tell em how to pose...whoa.

YO MJ ROCKS! You already know MEC to the ZILLA is the jack of all trades, going from direction to lights to Dj to funky aerobic dancer...(you just had to be there)  Now she talking about being a videographer/director...damn Mec....can other folks eat? can other folk shine? from rockstar to ceo now this...greedy skill(ah) Word of the Day!!!! SOUND THE ALARMS!!!

Skillah (n): person with multiple skills

Who wants to be the ultimate skillah? You already know.

I think that word might have street cred...spread it. oh...hey!

SOOOOOO. I wore my 21MC shirt (of course), sweater was a gift from Manchild, one of my new s'aint yacque shredded leather necklaces, default jeans and default shoes. I wanted to wear my faded red jeans to match the roses on the sweater but I had a PTA meeting before the shoot and deemed it inappropriate. Especially when I was nominating myself as PTA Vice President. LOL. Wait...what are the kids saying these days....uh...oh...REAL TALK!!!

yeah that's it.

Boom....Real Talk. 

OH!!! AND the outfit is my entry for this month's Fashion Challenge. I didnt want to do the black and white thing and wanted to play more with pattern instead but this was t0o perfect. Thank you very much.


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