Sunday, November 23, 2008

“Meet the Family” – Style Tips to Remember this Thanksgiving Holiday

By Krish

Meeting their parents for the first time? Worried about what to wear for the special occasion? Sources say it takes less than 30 seconds for someone to make and keep a impression of you and if your lovers family is anything like mine; you'll have plenty of impressions to make. Although most of these encounters go by smoothly, some family members have been known go out of their way to make you look and feel uncomfortable. So to take a little anxiety off the day - here are a few quick tips to take note of for Thanksgiving day (you can worry about the other formalities, like what not to say or do, a little later).

Dress to Impress; Not Alarm

Try to lean on the conservative side when deciding what to wear. Although cute, the mini red freak-him dress that reeled your him in on your first date may not go over as well at his mother’s dinner table. Instead, keep it sexy yet classy with a wool sweater dress, black stockings and ankle boots or dress up a pair of jeans with a blazer and slouched calf boots.

Guys - who says you can’t wear your favorite t-shirt with the holes on the side to the dinner table - just be sure to use it as an undershirt. Layer it under a dress shirt, sweater and corduroy blazer. Keep it classy, casual with a pair of dark tailored jeans and dress boots that will only make the folks have to step back to admire.


Coordinate does not mean matching – there is a difference. So the his and hers sweaters, you know the ones you both wear for movie nights can be left in the back of the closet, or better yet burned. Accentuate each others outfits with complimenting colors and styles; if one is wearing jeans, the other should not be decked in a suit and tie. Also make plans for a pre-holiday grooming trip to the spa, unisex salon and dry-cleaners. Nothing screams ill-mannered louder than dirt under the nails, a shag-fro and wrinkles. For recession-worried couples, in-house grooming will suffice as well.

Show Your Personality

Although it is best to stay on the conservative side, you shouldn’t lose yourself in the process - parents can sniff a phony. Show off your personality with accessories, such as an accent necklace or vibrant bag. Don't forget to bring a small gift as a thank you for their hospitality, creativity and thoughtfulness does go a long way. There’s nothing better than being yourself so relax, enjoy the food, company, and more than likely awkward moments and if you’re lucky enough to survive dinner – more than dessert will be yours at the end of the night.

Ciao and Happy Thanksgiving!

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Kholi said...

i love this! so i wasn't meeting inlaws ... but a good style tip is a good style tip.

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