Friday, November 28, 2008

Help me Help you

First off Happy Day of Giving Thanks. Sidenote: Funny when you run into someone that doesn't celebrate Thanksgiving and you politely say "Happy Thanksgiving" they turn to you like "oh I don't celebrate this holiday and roll their eyes and blah blah blah." I be like eeww...but um you eat don't you. I mean that's what we celebrating right? The Mac and Cheese and Gravy on turkey that mingles with the yam so sweet? 

No? yeah. Hmmm, ok question you respond "good morning" even when it's one of those mornings from hell...yeah? Just smile and Be easy my belly too full for this. 

Thanks Gibril for my opening paragraph.

Moving on. Speaking of class...I clean up nice..can I just say that?

Truth be told I changed into a sweater and sneakers after the pic cus it wasn't that type of party, Yah's going to eat...not look cute. 

Soooo guess what!?!??! I did this one for you...Yes YOU. I didn't want to tell you cus...cus it feels too soon but. but. but. I love you. I do. There. I've said it.


The vintage blouse is semi sheer light yellow with ruffles and a bow that makes it sorta ascot-y. Navy blue vintage velvet blazer and pin stripe pants and...uh can we say tan vintage shoes.

While I was looking for the shoes a navy blue and yellow scarf caught my eye it was exactly the pop of color I needed. Then this s'aint yacque cloisonné, black/gold fish pin caught my eye. Each lends its on flavor to the outfit, the fish is a oh so sophisticated quirkiness. The "pocket square" funks it up and gives me a more relaxed playful look and adds color.

Can't decide sooooo you tell me.....the pin or the scarf? Help me. Help you. Help me decide. Comments por favor.


Muhsinah said...


(save the pin for me)
selfish hunh?

rucyl said...

the scarf! that ish is tight

Anonymous said...


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