Saturday, November 15, 2008

Coat Check

Editor's Note: (tee hee...i like that)

Funny that Krish chose this topic, I had my buddy Dan come over and he just happened to be wearing a North Face down jacket. His excuse, "I was being lazy this morning" my response, if everything in your closet is fly even lazy days you cant help but look shouldn't even own this jacket. 

Needless to say I ransacked my never ending closet (of things I don't wear or fit but love) until I found a jacket that fit him like it was tailored for him. Yah to the rescue!! :) Oh stop it....don't be jealous Krish damn.....I'm dropping your joint off tomorrow. Jeeez.

By Krish

Living in New York City between the months of November and March, you should come prepared for two things: harshly cold weather and walking in harshly cold weather. This is especially true for someone like me, who can't stand the bulk and excess of wearing winter layers.

I remember my first winter in the city two years ago; I was able to breeze through the season without wearing a coat thanks to unseasonable mild weather, a long island vacation and a lengthy (or lethargic) unemployment streak that lasted until spring. It was wonderful - minus the unemployment. But it did leave me with an unhealthy overconfidence that I had the chops to battle NYC weather in only a blazer, scarf and hat.

It didn’t take long for that tune to change when I began working and commuting to Manhattan to realize offices in New York do not close when there's a foot of snow on the ground and don't even think of getting off early when an ice storm hits at 3:45pm. So there you can find me, sliding down 50th and 6th in penny loafers with ice smacking me in the side of the face and every limb on my body ready to decapitate itself and find shelter of its own.

I've narrowed it down to these three basic styles that are essential to getting you through the NYC winter season with fashionable functionality.

The Trench

The trench is especially useful for work or play and can be worn with a number of outfits. Long, short, with a belt or without, the trench coat has the versatility to compliment any shape and never goes out of style.

Laundry by Design Double Breasted Trench(left) and (right) Daniele Alessandrini Wool Trench

The Parka

Fashion is not the first thing that comes to mind when I think of a parka. They're big, bulky and a pain to travel in from the street to the subway yet a god-send when it hits 30 and below. I was pleasantly surprised to find the parka has been updated to be more form fitting and functional.

Wool parka from Topshop (left) and (right) Rogues Gallery Nylon Deck Parka

The Pea Coat

The simplicity and timelessness of a pea coat make it another essential item to hold in the closet for the winter season. You can dress it down with jeans or pair it with a decorative scarf to add vibrancy.

Top Laundry Pea Coat with Velvet Buttons(left) and (right) Sean John Harlem Swag Pea Coat

Now that we approach the '08-'09 season, I’ve learned my lesson and ready to go shopping for a winter coat! But before we do, let me reiterate and reiterate clearly. SNTDC! (Say No To Down Coats!)...unacceptable....unless you're 12.

GREAT JOB KRISH! love how you tied it in with my earlier post. You're hired!


Anonymous said...

Very interesting KrisH...i dig this topic...yor narrative portion was well shared and humorous. Your are a wonderful writer and i support u(;).

kava said...

i see la in the wool parka from topshop, no?

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