Thursday, May 28, 2009

l'vintage: the movie

There is something dynamic about art that is based on a deeper concept than just a visual design...when there's a background story you see it and feel it.

It is a rare occasion when you actually get to take part in the inspirations, muses and background story that influence the designer, so this is a special treat from

l'vintage limited release t-shirt collection reflects the blaxploitation films of the 1970’s

all of the imagery used gives you poignant momentary views from the scenes of the unreleased film “élyse love” and shapes the collection from conception to construction.

élyse love

élyse’s love (band)

brooklyn, ny
paris, france

plot summary
the bittersweet love story of two people who fall out of infatuation and into love.
élyse the main character is dealing with love, fame, fortune and her inevitable downfall as she tries to find balance in her private and public life.

the film goes through four phases:
infatuation love purgatory in-love.

élyse and kenneth go from inseparable to being separate for a year. kenneth goes to paris, france to find his lost love they reunite and begin at the ending of their first relationship.

living in paris and working as a photographer and music producer, kenneth finds himself loving hard but getting no reciprocity. élyse is steadily pursuing her career and leaves kenneth yet again. she loves him but hides it to avoid being hurt. so he returns to brooklyn, nyc and back to his musical production. (love)

kenneth back in brooklyn, single, begins to have several relationships with other woman in the attempt to fill the void left by élyse. (purgatory)

with his personal life steadily declining, he gets an offer to produce for a band in france. he takes the opportunity not knowing that élyse set it up to get him to come back to paris. she realizes that she loves him and is willing to fall in love with him.

the story ends at the eiffel tower where they vow never to leave one another. after which they resurrect their group called “the élyse love”. (in love)

oh how romantic!!!

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Friday, May 22, 2009

Hey Good Lookn!!!

I'm proud to be part of a talented and humble collective...The "Good Lookn Collective" bringing you fashion, jewelry, accessories and guidance to a holistic lifestyle.

We'll be taking over Dance Africa at BAM (Brooklyn Academy of Music) this memorial day weekend. (See the YakBlak flier in my earlier post for more details.)

Here's a map so you can find us and get your Good Lookn on:

It's been a long time....

I know. I know. I've been neglecting you guys on the blogspot tip BUT with good reasons...

Whew...things are bananas on my side of this monitor I can tell you that much.

Adding new designers left and right, check out Zachary Pryor, Studio Karma and OverAchievers

I promise to blog about these guys in the next few days and give you all the dirty details on what makes them tick and create.

I've been working day and night on some new s'aint yacque designs on the jewelry and accessories tip as well as some new funky fresh t shirt cus you know the Yah can't stop, won't stop.

Most importantly the YakBlak camp has been getting ready for the summer KICK OFF at Dance Africa at BAM (Brooklyn Academy of Music) this Memorial Day weekend.

YakBlak (my partner C. Los and I) have been putting in some serious elbow grease (as usual).

We've not only revamped our legendary sunnies display BUT we've given over 250 sunnies a face lift, realigning and replacing lenses. They've never looked better...while I'm at it...I'll say the same for myself....tee hee...I just got a fabulous haircut so stayed tuned for the "Care What I Wear" segment cus I've reinvented myself....yes...again. I have a diva complex. Stay Tuned

Here's your (first) change to get dibs on summer's hottest accessory. It's cool to have on dope sunnies but it's doper to have on an authentic pair of vintage sunnies that FIX YOUR FACE.

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