Saturday, November 29, 2008

Cocolah meets Tr3y Stylez

1. What is the first thing you think about before getting dressed in the morning?


2. How would you define your style?

My style is a mixture of new and old, an influx of all my influences wrapped into one entity. An never ending growth process which can't be duplicated.

3. What is your hustle? How does that thing you do influence your style?

Well my hustle is acting…previously I was a perpetrator on the abc show Life on Mars! This influenced my style in many ways because it made me think outside of the box because it opened my mind to options as far as clothing options and how I mix and match various pieces to create something that no one can match!

4. Tell me one random thing about yourself.

I go off topic a lot meaning when im having a conversation with someone I just go off on a tangent out and start talking about anything random without any notice…I know its awkward well imagine being the person sitting there clueless.

5. What is your current fashion inspiration?

Russell Brand

6. Who is your fashion muse?

Jimi Hendrix

7. As a stylist where do you draw inspiration as to stand out in the over saturated field.

Well I draw inspiration from everywhere…whats going on around me as far as what the people are wearing and flipping it to my own signature look. I pull a lot from fashion magazines…and many fashion photography from the past…as well as the present…and from music artist! All of this fuses what resonates unto my work.

8. How often do you shop?

Not so often because I love to challenge myself with what I already have in my wardrobe which is a lot.

9. Do you have an alter ego? If so, who has better style?

Well people call me Tr3y Stylez…so I guess that's my alter ego….well he does has extremely better style than the old me.

10. If you were given the chance to have a full on shopping spree in one country where would it be?

Japan hands down!!!

11. What do you see in the future of underground fashion?

Well the future of underground fashion will be taking more of a move into the future as far as the fabrics, fit and color scheme but I feel that's going to be happening in fashion period.

12. What do you think is the biggest influence in fashion these days?

The biggest influence in fashion right now is taking from the past and making it current…fashion right now is becoming artsy so that's what all of the fashion houses and major fashion magazines are getting their inspirations from!!!!

13. If you could buy one thing without money being an object what would it be?

An amazingly impossible to find diamond ring!!!

14. If you could choose: personal tailor or unlimited shoes?

I would definitely chose personal tailor because I feel that if your cloths don't fit you to the utmost of comfortably you will not feel the best you can feel in your clothing! Its all about the fit.

15. What do you think is the must have item on www.

House of Nassat Handmade crochet and suede jacket

Friday, November 28, 2008

Help me Help you

First off Happy Day of Giving Thanks. Sidenote: Funny when you run into someone that doesn't celebrate Thanksgiving and you politely say "Happy Thanksgiving" they turn to you like "oh I don't celebrate this holiday and roll their eyes and blah blah blah." I be like eeww...but um you eat don't you. I mean that's what we celebrating right? The Mac and Cheese and Gravy on turkey that mingles with the yam so sweet? 

No? yeah. Hmmm, ok question you respond "good morning" even when it's one of those mornings from hell...yeah? Just smile and Be easy my belly too full for this. 

Thanks Gibril for my opening paragraph.

Moving on. Speaking of class...I clean up nice..can I just say that?

Truth be told I changed into a sweater and sneakers after the pic cus it wasn't that type of party, Yah's going to eat...not look cute. 

Soooo guess what!?!??! I did this one for you...Yes YOU. I didn't want to tell you cus...cus it feels too soon but. but. but. I love you. I do. There. I've said it.


The vintage blouse is semi sheer light yellow with ruffles and a bow that makes it sorta ascot-y. Navy blue vintage velvet blazer and pin stripe pants and...uh can we say tan vintage shoes.

While I was looking for the shoes a navy blue and yellow scarf caught my eye it was exactly the pop of color I needed. Then this s'aint yacque cloisonné, black/gold fish pin caught my eye. Each lends its on flavor to the outfit, the fish is a oh so sophisticated quirkiness. The "pocket square" funks it up and gives me a more relaxed playful look and adds color.

Can't decide sooooo you tell me.....the pin or the scarf? Help me. Help you. Help me decide. Comments por favor.

Thursday, November 27, 2008

My Fashion Challenge Entry/21MC Pancho Shoot

Guess who got invited to be part of the 21MC Pancho Photoshoot....that would be lil ol me. NOT YOU! 

They asked me to style but I was really there taking notes. Seeing the inner workings of a dope ass team in action. Know that COCOLAH.COM told you first that 21MC and 21Trillion will dominate the world. Pay Attention.

What can I say about That Kid Named are a lot of folks out there with high tech cameras in their hands with it set permanently on AUTOMATIC...I'm not sayin....I'm JUST saying. Trust me when I tell you that this Kid right here...even doh she look 12 ok a true photographer....she was manipulating LIGHT and SPEED creating art with a few simple clicks. DOPE.

Yego was talking that DIRECTOR talk like..."I want you to feel like you OWN this piece of land you stand ON".....uh... Dude huh?...that's some higher level shit can you just tell em how to pose...whoa.

YO MJ ROCKS! You already know MEC to the ZILLA is the jack of all trades, going from direction to lights to Dj to funky aerobic dancer...(you just had to be there)  Now she talking about being a videographer/director...damn Mec....can other folks eat? can other folk shine? from rockstar to ceo now this...greedy skill(ah) Word of the Day!!!! SOUND THE ALARMS!!!

Skillah (n): person with multiple skills

Who wants to be the ultimate skillah? You already know.

I think that word might have street cred...spread it. oh...hey!

SOOOOOO. I wore my 21MC shirt (of course), sweater was a gift from Manchild, one of my new s'aint yacque shredded leather necklaces, default jeans and default shoes. I wanted to wear my faded red jeans to match the roses on the sweater but I had a PTA meeting before the shoot and deemed it inappropriate. Especially when I was nominating myself as PTA Vice President. LOL. Wait...what are the kids saying these days....uh...oh...REAL TALK!!!

yeah that's it.

Boom....Real Talk. 

OH!!! AND the outfit is my entry for this month's Fashion Challenge. I didnt want to do the black and white thing and wanted to play more with pattern instead but this was t0o perfect. Thank you very much.


Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Sometimes it feels like somebody's watching me

Check out what I got this morning by email from it's like they're submitting to this months' Fashion Challenge (which I posted Nov. 5th I believe..scroll down)....weirdness.

The article is about black and white contrast but they used giraffes in a black and white pic....instead of what? Zebras? wtf? Am I giving myself too much credit? I shouldn't be bummed I should feel proud...that Im a forward thinker and ahead of the game by this much...

Not that I don't know that regular folks like us are the ones writing these online articles for major't be, couldn't be. Lil ol' me? 

Even if my lil ol baby blog didn't someway inspire that gotta admit it's fly that I'm on the same wave length as my second fave site.....after EBAY. Wait. 

cocolah first
ebay dos tres

Your girl is one step ahead but not moving fast enough.

The Style Whisperer strikes again.


Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Style Klash and the Band It

The first word on the invite was STYLE (Klash it if you nasty) so you know your girl got more than a little excited. I usually start mentally planning my outfit once I decide I'm attending an event. It's hard to get me out of the house especially juggling all my projects, but there was a purpose and that was to support Harriet's Alter Ego. These ladies are truly an inspiration and a great support of underground fashion and arts. I'm there.

The day of I told myself I was sure I had something in my closet I could rock no problem...but still hadn't made any effort to pry myself away from work and start formulating an outfit...not even in my head. 

My boy Manchild called that afternoon saying LET'S GO THRIFTING!!! LET"S GO!!!

There are few words that get me worked up as fast as those three little ones. Long story short we go thrifting and a few steps in the shop, my eyes already scanning the racks I spot an interesting color...hmmm. Closer....shoulder details...closer, omg...I pull it off the rack and aaaaaaah!!!! OMG!!! DO YOU SEE THIS!!?!!?! I've been searching for a vintage band jacket for years on ebay they're hard to come by in the right size, color and most importantly PRICE! The Thrift Gods stay on my side cus I give back! HA!!! I almost passed out when it was a perfect fit. ooooh eeeeee! Guess who's goina church on Sunday?! You?

Guess what I wore to this years Style Klash. 
Sidenote: Manchild is STILL hating which makes the find even sweeter. Say ahhh.....tee hee.

So I decide to wear it with sneaks...just to play it cool like "ay this just something I had in my biggie". Then I worried that folks were going to really do it I decided to change into shoes. It is an evening event so I didn't want to look like I was hanging in the outfit all day and showed up. Sneakers are cool but white sneakers are tricky. I'll have to write about that laterz. 

Even though I tried five different black shoes I fell a little empty. I wasn't happy but I gave up knowing that the perfect shoe was not in my closet. grrrr. I settled on the fact that the jacket was doing so much I was done before I started. AND!!!! the theme of the show is I DON'T WANT TO LOOK LIKE I TRIED TO HARD. I find black oxfords which lend themselves to band shoes. 

Amazing what a few accessories will do for an outfit huh? YEAH I'VE BEEN TRYING TO TELL YOU FOR YEARS AS S'AINT YACQUE!! HELLO! Pay attention or you're fired.

The fox tail just made perfect sense, the black tail with white tip! what? with the gold chain...come on...visually it takes the place of my band instrument. :() This is Yah Channeling The Style Whisperer. 

Thanks Mec for the nickname :) LOVE IT!! Uh oh...I feel another alter ego coming on!! Stay tuned~ 

The belt was very necessary balancing out my lower half giving it the pop I needed ooh...without it the jacket is wearing me. Check out the swag the YakBlak Sunnies give. BEEN TRYNA TELL YA. The light tint makes it OK to wear your sunglasses at night.

Monday, November 24, 2008

Kanye West's Raccoon Tail

Oh for the love of s'aint yacque!!!!

Quite a few folks contacted me last night and this morning asking, congratulating me on getting my signature raccoon tail on THE Kanye West. Unfortunately folks...he ain't get it from me.....sigh.

I've been selectively peddling these tails for the last five years. Not putting them on my website and only selling them to selective folks that I thought were TAIL WORTHY. That obviously wasn't the move. 

Im a bit sad, a bit excited that folks would associate anything on this MAN with little ol me. I'm the one hunched over the sewing machine in my bedroom so no....I wish. BUT if you're reading this blog and you're interested in getting you a tail. 

Holla at your girl. It's now a free for all. Cus if I don't do's gonna get done any ol way.

Sunday, November 23, 2008

Some things Never Change

So!!!! In my efforts to confront my holiday blues head on I dug into my buried family photo album...Not a good move BUT I found this pic of lil ol me:

Check me out...some things never change. Me off to the side on the solo tip....looking real fly, laughing to myself, thinking these witches have nothing on my outfit...LOL! joke.

Some things really DON'T CHANGE!!

OK!!! Check out my outfit doh! I know it's fly my mind's eye I have on some dark brown wool stockings and patent leather burgundy mary jane shoes.

Hello, that's an outfit I'd wear today, my style hasn't changed much, I'm basically rocking the same color palette and tailored feminine/masculine style being pretty as can be!

Today I'd switch out the skirt for some wide leg pants and adding a chocolate velvet fitted blazer.

C is for cookie and that's good enough for me.


“Meet the Family” – Style Tips to Remember this Thanksgiving Holiday

By Krish

Meeting their parents for the first time? Worried about what to wear for the special occasion? Sources say it takes less than 30 seconds for someone to make and keep a impression of you and if your lovers family is anything like mine; you'll have plenty of impressions to make. Although most of these encounters go by smoothly, some family members have been known go out of their way to make you look and feel uncomfortable. So to take a little anxiety off the day - here are a few quick tips to take note of for Thanksgiving day (you can worry about the other formalities, like what not to say or do, a little later).

Dress to Impress; Not Alarm

Try to lean on the conservative side when deciding what to wear. Although cute, the mini red freak-him dress that reeled your him in on your first date may not go over as well at his mother’s dinner table. Instead, keep it sexy yet classy with a wool sweater dress, black stockings and ankle boots or dress up a pair of jeans with a blazer and slouched calf boots.

Guys - who says you can’t wear your favorite t-shirt with the holes on the side to the dinner table - just be sure to use it as an undershirt. Layer it under a dress shirt, sweater and corduroy blazer. Keep it classy, casual with a pair of dark tailored jeans and dress boots that will only make the folks have to step back to admire.


Coordinate does not mean matching – there is a difference. So the his and hers sweaters, you know the ones you both wear for movie nights can be left in the back of the closet, or better yet burned. Accentuate each others outfits with complimenting colors and styles; if one is wearing jeans, the other should not be decked in a suit and tie. Also make plans for a pre-holiday grooming trip to the spa, unisex salon and dry-cleaners. Nothing screams ill-mannered louder than dirt under the nails, a shag-fro and wrinkles. For recession-worried couples, in-house grooming will suffice as well.

Show Your Personality

Although it is best to stay on the conservative side, you shouldn’t lose yourself in the process - parents can sniff a phony. Show off your personality with accessories, such as an accent necklace or vibrant bag. Don't forget to bring a small gift as a thank you for their hospitality, creativity and thoughtfulness does go a long way. There’s nothing better than being yourself so relax, enjoy the food, company, and more than likely awkward moments and if you’re lucky enough to survive dinner – more than dessert will be yours at the end of the night.

Ciao and Happy Thanksgiving!

Thursday, November 20, 2008

Stunt Manual - Learn it.

Author Authentic Presents:
The "Stunt Manual v.4.0: BETA!!!"
The Stuntman's Style Guide

Here is my ranking system 5 star being the highest and "stuntworthy"

1) Collector Value - This is for the shit you buy just to have because you’re "that guy"
2) Practical Value - Could I actually see myself using this shit?
3) Street Value - Would the hood fuck with it?

This is kind of old news but it is something I eventually want to own. I been looking at this since the top of the year, but for some reason never got around to purchasing one. Possibly because I’m not a dumbass and this is completely unnecessary… well, maybe if u wanted to go to the park and write but still look like, yeah, I’m the shit. Personally I opt for a nice set of headphones. Anyway, nothing says hip hop like big radios and no one makes big radios like Lasonic. I used to have a Sony box back in the day that I used to walk around with. Usually playing the first Killarmy album or Wu-Tang mixtapes that Cise used to make and dub for our friends. Back then I wish I had this…

Lasonic: "Ipod Boombox"

Plenty knobs, switches and gizmos for you tweakheads out there. And It looks f’in great. I’d love to do a shoot with one of these. This makes me wanna buy a fridge so I can break down the cardboard box and do backspins. I bet this bitch sounds great too. The old boxes they had that ran tape were some of the best.

Collector Value: ***
Practical Value: ***
Street Value: *****

I don’t walk anywhere. I walk to my car. And the novelty of walking around with a boombox ended for me in high school. It wouldn’t really work as a home stereo. Still it’d be dope nonetheless. I’d find a use for it. Maybe I’ll buy one and go be a subway performer.


About a week ago I was net-surfing trying to find the next hot thing so I could laugh at you like, “hahahahaha!!! I know about this and you don’t!!!! naaaah naaaaaah!!*”, and I came across something that caught my eye. [heh, that’s what she said] (* I don’t really do that… but who cares anyway. There I go being a toolbag =] )

My boys Cise and Menace were going hard on the Xbox and I started geekin over these. When I showed them what the fuss was about I didn’t get the response I’d expected; they were less than enthused… but hey, I like em, so I’ma show em

Check em out...

Fendi: "Patent Hi-Top"

These fit right into my wear em to the club category. I told u, I hate hard bottoms. These are sneakers, so I can dig it. They look comfortable as shit. And they real sleek and smooth. Not very versatile but they make a statement.

And they are FENDI…

Collector Value: *****
Practical Value: ***
Street Value: *****

I’d way rather wear these than some Prada America’s Cup joints. But then again I’m a weirdo. And I need to separate myself from the pack. Cise gave these an 8. My rating is somewhat higher. The Stuntman cares not about shiny gaudy look-at-me materials!


Chanel: “Coco Phone”

Come on… It’s clear. It runs windows. And it’s CHANEL.

I think this is a concept but I’ma rate it anyway. I think its great.

Collector Value: *****
Practical Value: *****
Street Value: *****

What would you be able to tell me? Nothin!!! I might knock the little keychain thing out. It looks a lil too feminine for the kid. And how do you type shit? I want to play with one.

(yah: dude you gotta get me the Fendi sneaks and the Channel phone for xmas or you're fired)

Tuesday, November 18, 2008

oops there goes my shirt up over my head....oh my.

Honestly.....I would sexually assault this shoe and tell the judge it was asking for it. freakin sexy. I can't even stand it.....

What do you wear with this shoe? Read the sentence above. This is the "let me slip into something more comfortable shoe" :) Yes Please.

Back to the shoe before I get carried away....oh wow...... I wonder what it taste like.  No I didn't just say that! Whoa ok. I'm revealing too much. Be cool. ICE COLD!

This shoe could GET IT.

ALRIGHT I'll stop. siiiiiiiigh. There's really nothing more to say without this post quickly become X rated.

Marc Jacobs
Canvas and leather strap-tie stiletto fetish pump

Monday, November 17, 2008

From DR To FL to BK to Holland in 15 Questions

Fashion is all about inspiration, many things inspire style; art, music, street scene, location and transportation. I've loved Nadege's style from day one, its sorta a relaxed understated sexy, no fuss, no fluff, just strut. 

She's traveling the world making art and looking fresh in the process all without trying too hard. Check it.

1. What's the first thing you think about before getting dressed?
What underwear should i wear with this outfit. (Yah: she's just being a tease ya'll)

2. Be honest, how long does it take you to get dressed?
Well depends on if i am feeling the first choice. if so, then it takes me 10 min. if not who knows...(Yah: oh I know what you mean, once I start thinking too much its a wrap)

3. You recently relocated to Amsterdam, how has your style changed?
Its changed some. i don't shop as much, and i have to think about whether i can ride my bike on it or not. good thing is - heels are ok now, since i dont have to walk.

4. What can you say about the Amsterdam street style?
Dutch women and men are super european trashy as you might imagine, but every now and then you will see a gem or two. its more carefree, more hair gel, and more blonde.

5. Real question is, how are the thrift shops in Amsterdam?!?
The thrifts are good. yet its all the same as in NY. some are overpriced and some are decent.

7. How often do you shop?
Once a month i might go and look for stuff.

8. Has the economy affected your shopping habits?
No i still catch myself pressing the "add to cart" button.

9. Share one of your fashion secrets?
Simple is best and accessorize accessorize. also i don't like mixing silver and gold. call me old fashion.

10. Name a recent fashion inspiration.
I dont have any fashion inspirations, my mom was always the biggest one. she made her own clothes and bought expensive leather boots (cause she couldnt make them)

11. What trend do you see in the future for underground fashion?
ive never thought about future fashion, i just do me. if anything i see big hair, tiny belts, baggy/tapered pants, and a lil 40s fashion (not all together)

12. If you could buy one thing without money being an object what would it be?
i'd buy and open ticket to go to the portobello flea market once a month in london in notting hill. (Yah: trae chic!)

13. Who is your fashion muse?
The weather is my fashion muse. (Yah: good one dege!)

14. If you could choose: personal tailor or unlimited shoes?
Personal tailor all the way. i am not really a shoe chick. i think they are nice, but id rather be shoeless. but a tailor! can make anything look good on you even shoeless.

15.What do you think is the must have item on www. cocolah. com?
i am really feeling the sexy secretary dress, i would wear that everyday, if i didnt have to ride my bike everyday or walk in 40 degree weather.

Sunday, November 16, 2008

Trench Coat Nothing Under

No Pictures cus sometimes I look better in your imagination. LMAO.

"This morning I woke up feeling very West Side Story hence the white button down, red scarf tied around neck, black skinnies rolled up, men hard bottom shoes no socks." That was a conversation I had with a friend this summer over brunch.

From time to time I'll run into my friend and she'll ask...What was your inspiration today? Of course I always make up some shit on the spot that sound right cus I like to tell stories if you haven't noticed.

So this Friday I attended the Coup d'etat Brooklyn's Art Show and since they fine and stuck up in a sweet sorta way like yours truly I knew I had to go the extra mile and pretend it was by accident.

Ended up wearing a vintage trench coat as a shirt ;) (yeah i know you like that) black skinnies and vintage cowhide booties. When I got the coat I knew it was so tailored to my body that I wouldn't be able to wear it as a coat sooooooo it was premeditated murder...I must confess.

Can I just say it was so sexy I'd do myself (ay ay ay get yo mind right) and yet sophisticated....

The response is always interesting to say the least, very interesting. Folks respond to the way you present yourself. I realize I make folks intrigued and uncomfortable and I like it. Still tryna figure how to turn it into profit.

The outfit is what Dirty Class is all about.

A friend commented that I was dressed to seduce, who me?! Never. I'm ready for my close up biotch heres my card check out my new website Period. Im not here to meet no body I'm about my business. PERIOD! of course I denied it to the end but in the back of my mind...I'm thinking.....ooooh. aaah. mmmm. siigh. my crush is here and I wanna ask if I faint do you know CPR? (with my head to the side, hearts flowing from my eyes) GET IT! Hells NO Im cool, I'm cool. ICE COLD!

Scratch that!! I'm focused man. I'm focused. Here's my card check out my site. whew.

Dress like the boss to be the boss. Looking cute is cute but building an empire is all about strategy. Pay Attention.

I was actually feeling very Investigative Reporter as well...I went to check out the scene and where I fit in....I'd be lying if I didn't confess I really went as a flasher, one of my secret fantasies...TMI once again. sorry....

Pssssssst hey! come mere you wanna see somethin'?? I rip my coat open and try to hustle you some jewelry :) ay i got earrings, necklaces, clothes..watchu need? 007 DVD? it's a clear copy. LOL DAMN im funny. Full Frontal Nudity.

Role play everyday and keep it fresh.


Oh btw. The black umbrella was a prop and matched my pants and the handle matching my boots was not by accident. uh huh. I know.

Saturday, November 15, 2008

Coat Check

Editor's Note: (tee hee...i like that)

Funny that Krish chose this topic, I had my buddy Dan come over and he just happened to be wearing a North Face down jacket. His excuse, "I was being lazy this morning" my response, if everything in your closet is fly even lazy days you cant help but look shouldn't even own this jacket. 

Needless to say I ransacked my never ending closet (of things I don't wear or fit but love) until I found a jacket that fit him like it was tailored for him. Yah to the rescue!! :) Oh stop it....don't be jealous Krish damn.....I'm dropping your joint off tomorrow. Jeeez.

By Krish

Living in New York City between the months of November and March, you should come prepared for two things: harshly cold weather and walking in harshly cold weather. This is especially true for someone like me, who can't stand the bulk and excess of wearing winter layers.

I remember my first winter in the city two years ago; I was able to breeze through the season without wearing a coat thanks to unseasonable mild weather, a long island vacation and a lengthy (or lethargic) unemployment streak that lasted until spring. It was wonderful - minus the unemployment. But it did leave me with an unhealthy overconfidence that I had the chops to battle NYC weather in only a blazer, scarf and hat.

It didn’t take long for that tune to change when I began working and commuting to Manhattan to realize offices in New York do not close when there's a foot of snow on the ground and don't even think of getting off early when an ice storm hits at 3:45pm. So there you can find me, sliding down 50th and 6th in penny loafers with ice smacking me in the side of the face and every limb on my body ready to decapitate itself and find shelter of its own.

I've narrowed it down to these three basic styles that are essential to getting you through the NYC winter season with fashionable functionality.

The Trench

The trench is especially useful for work or play and can be worn with a number of outfits. Long, short, with a belt or without, the trench coat has the versatility to compliment any shape and never goes out of style.

Laundry by Design Double Breasted Trench(left) and (right) Daniele Alessandrini Wool Trench

The Parka

Fashion is not the first thing that comes to mind when I think of a parka. They're big, bulky and a pain to travel in from the street to the subway yet a god-send when it hits 30 and below. I was pleasantly surprised to find the parka has been updated to be more form fitting and functional.

Wool parka from Topshop (left) and (right) Rogues Gallery Nylon Deck Parka

The Pea Coat

The simplicity and timelessness of a pea coat make it another essential item to hold in the closet for the winter season. You can dress it down with jeans or pair it with a decorative scarf to add vibrancy.

Top Laundry Pea Coat with Velvet Buttons(left) and (right) Sean John Harlem Swag Pea Coat

Now that we approach the '08-'09 season, I’ve learned my lesson and ready to go shopping for a winter coat! But before we do, let me reiterate and reiterate clearly. SNTDC! (Say No To Down Coats!)...unacceptable....unless you're 12.

GREAT JOB KRISH! love how you tied it in with my earlier post. You're hired!

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