Saturday, November 8, 2008

A Call to the Wild

A Call to the Wild - "This Girls" Fashion Challenge  Picks

Allow me to introduce myself, I'm KrisH "the little Fashionista" and has given me, of all people, room to rave on one of my favorite subjects --- clothes, shoes and stuff!

Although I'm more of a Chuck Taylors and motorcycle boot-wearing, I cant help but fall in love with a pair of Christian Loboutins that make a girl stride as as if she were walking on a diamond encrusted sidewalk. It has to be the sexiest sight in the world!

Following the Cocolah mantra of keeping things Fresh, Funky, and Free-Styled; I figure I'd show you my entry for this month's " Fashion Challenge" An invitation to create an outfit inspired by our black and white stripes of the wild - the zebra.

Centered around these black Gucci "Devenchy" boots rocked by Rhianna and Vanessa Bryant's collection of underground accessories - lava rocks, tribal prints, twisted rings and vintage shades serve as a perfect combination to "rock the wild" in black and white. If you know you have what it takes - challenge me, create the look and submit your entry by November 25th.

From left to right:

Until then...

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africa1 said...

Greetings Sis,

this blog is great funny,informational just great. keep up the works..


P.S. Post my stuff

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