Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Style Klash and the Band It

The first word on the invite was STYLE (Klash it if you nasty) so you know your girl got more than a little excited. I usually start mentally planning my outfit once I decide I'm attending an event. It's hard to get me out of the house especially juggling all my projects, but there was a purpose and that was to support Harriet's Alter Ego. These ladies are truly an inspiration and a great support of underground fashion and arts. I'm there.

The day of I told myself I was sure I had something in my closet I could rock no problem...but still hadn't made any effort to pry myself away from work and start formulating an outfit...not even in my head. 

My boy Manchild called that afternoon saying LET'S GO THRIFTING!!! LET"S GO!!!

There are few words that get me worked up as fast as those three little ones. Long story short we go thrifting and a few steps in the shop, my eyes already scanning the racks I spot an interesting color...hmmm. Closer....shoulder details...closer, omg...I pull it off the rack and aaaaaaah!!!! OMG!!! DO YOU SEE THIS!!?!!?! I've been searching for a vintage band jacket for years on ebay they're hard to come by in the right size, color and most importantly PRICE! The Thrift Gods stay on my side cus I give back! HA!!! I almost passed out when it was a perfect fit. ooooh eeeeee! Guess who's goina church on Sunday?! You?

Guess what I wore to this years Style Klash. 
Sidenote: Manchild is STILL hating which makes the find even sweeter. Say ahhh.....tee hee.

So I decide to wear it with sneaks...just to play it cool like "ay this just something I had in my closet...no biggie". Then I worried that folks were going to really do it up...so I decided to change into shoes. It is an evening event so I didn't want to look like I was hanging in the outfit all day and showed up. Sneakers are cool but white sneakers are tricky. I'll have to write about that laterz. 

Even though I tried five different black shoes I fell a little empty. I wasn't happy but I gave up knowing that the perfect shoe was not in my closet. grrrr. I settled on the fact that the jacket was doing so much I was done before I started. AND!!!! the theme of the show is I DON'T WANT TO LOOK LIKE I TRIED TO HARD. I find black oxfords which lend themselves to band shoes. 

Amazing what a few accessories will do for an outfit huh? Hmmm...um YEAH I'VE BEEN TRYING TO TELL YOU FOR YEARS AS S'AINT YACQUE!! HELLO! Pay attention or you're fired.

The fox tail just made perfect sense, the black tail with white tip! what? with the gold chain...come on...visually it takes the place of my band instrument. :() This is Yah Channeling The Style Whisperer. 

Thanks Mec for the nickname :) LOVE IT!! Uh oh...I feel another alter ego coming on!! Stay tuned~ 

The belt was very necessary balancing out my lower half giving it the pop I needed ooh...without it the jacket is wearing me. Check out the swag the YakBlak Sunnies give. BEEN TRYNA TELL YA. The light tint makes it OK to wear your sunglasses at night.

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