Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Sometimes it feels like somebody's watching me

Check out what I got this morning by email from it's like they're submitting to this months' Fashion Challenge (which I posted Nov. 5th I believe..scroll down)....weirdness.

The article is about black and white contrast but they used giraffes in a black and white pic....instead of what? Zebras? wtf? Am I giving myself too much credit? I shouldn't be bummed I should feel proud...that Im a forward thinker and ahead of the game by this much...

Not that I don't know that regular folks like us are the ones writing these online articles for major't be, couldn't be. Lil ol' me? 

Even if my lil ol baby blog didn't someway inspire that gotta admit it's fly that I'm on the same wave length as my second fave site.....after EBAY. Wait. 

cocolah first
ebay dos tres

Your girl is one step ahead but not moving fast enough.

The Style Whisperer strikes again.


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