Tuesday, November 18, 2008

oops there goes my shirt up over my head....oh my.

Honestly.....I would sexually assault this shoe and tell the judge it was asking for it. omg....how freakin sexy. I can't even stand it.....

What do you wear with this shoe? Read the sentence above. This is the "let me slip into something more comfortable shoe" :) Yes Please.

Back to the shoe before I get carried away....oh wow...... I wonder what it taste like.  No I didn't just say that! Whoa ok. I'm revealing too much. Be cool. ICE COLD!

This shoe could GET IT.

ALRIGHT I'll stop. siiiiiiiigh. There's really nothing more to say without this post quickly become X rated.

Marc Jacobs
Canvas and leather strap-tie stiletto fetish pump



How would I love thee.....let me count the ways....the more I stare the more my imagination goes wild....id do jail time.

Kholi said...

meanwhile ... yesterday ... it wouldn't let me leave a comment ...

so NOW i'll say ... these are like sexy squared and other than with nothing ... they might be worn with something very micro ... and black ... and barely there ... something just short of nothing.

Nit Ra Sit said...

I am a shoe "rhymes with door" and I agree these are very sexy. I did notice that you do not link the pictures back to the purchase point. Is this by design?


IF its not on cocolah.com where Ima link it!? back to cocolah.com. LOL.

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