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Dream for a Living

I've loved Viktor & Rolf from the second I saw the DREAM ON coat on Naomi a few seasons ago. I was not only tickled but inspired.

They continue to push the envelope creating pieces that boggle the mind. Are they pieces of fashion, art or architecture?

When you're able to step outside of your mind's box and look at fashion as art you can appreciate how ultra fantastical these pieces are. I LOVE!

Cus if nothing else...I'm a dreamer!

It would be interesting to see a world where folks wore their heart on their sleeves and outfits were mini art projects. With no rules on right and wrong...Ok wait...I'm already starting to regret this fantasy...but moving forward nonetheless.

We've all been programmed to dress according to the rules of American society but what if we all created an avatar of ourselves and dressed in character sorta like a real life anime movie...oh wait...that's the kids in Japan. Scratch that.


On the other hand Viktor & Rolf's last collection...scary but in a good way.


It's amazing what the mind can create when you give it freedom of expression. That's what Cocolah.com is all about. Expressing yourself through fashion as art with individuality and confidence.


This Summer 2010 collection is out of a girl's twisted fantasy! Sorta like disney gone right. They're like giving you a nauseating, cavity inducing dose of SWEETS (like the amount that I ate on Halloween, ugh). Sorta like giving you wicked fairy princess in an upside down world where everything is in excess. Oh wait. We're living in it. Wicked Pretty or Pretty Wicked.

The silhouettes defy gravity. AMAZING!!!

Never put limits on your imagination. DREAM ON!



Thursday, November 5, 2009

Let's Say Grace.....Amen.


With all the androgynous, fetish, robotic warrior, retro-futurist fashion on the streets, runways and print I couldn't help but think of Zula from Conan the Barbarian. Grace Jones herself to be exact.

As the poster child for androgynous, fearless, female, sexual power she has inspired not only fashion, music but the arts. Andy Warhol painted her portrait and Keith Haring painted her body for a 1985 performance at Paradise Garage. Her influence is powerful but as silent as deadly. She's often overlooked as a musician but her style is undeniable. Her style is recognized by those who don't know her music.

Lady Gaga, Rihanna, Naomi and Amber Rose all women perceived as fearless, outspoken and dare I say BITCHes! as in WORK BIIIIIIIIIITCH (with index finger wagggin' 2 inches from your face) have been "showcased" to personify Grace in some way or the other.

Then we have everything Madonna has done, many of Janet's look, fetishes and antics, Lady Gaga, Beyonce and many others.

All pretending to be unapologetic. They're not doing it justice if you ask me...cus even now in her 60s Grace still puts a little fear in your heart. Cus she's that fierce.

Caged Amber Rose as Grace
Naomi as Grace
Rhianna as Grace

My favorite picture of all!!! My fantasy parents Grace and Andre Leon Talley. (I switch out my fantasy mother between Grace Jones and Anna Wintour.

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