Friday, November 6, 2009

Dream for a Living

I've loved Viktor & Rolf from the second I saw the DREAM ON coat on Naomi a few seasons ago. I was not only tickled but inspired.

They continue to push the envelope creating pieces that boggle the mind. Are they pieces of fashion, art or architecture?

When you're able to step outside of your mind's box and look at fashion as art you can appreciate how ultra fantastical these pieces are. I LOVE!

Cus if nothing else...I'm a dreamer!

It would be interesting to see a world where folks wore their heart on their sleeves and outfits were mini art projects. With no rules on right and wrong...Ok wait...I'm already starting to regret this fantasy...but moving forward nonetheless.

We've all been programmed to dress according to the rules of American society but what if we all created an avatar of ourselves and dressed in character sorta like a real life anime movie...oh wait...that's the kids in Japan. Scratch that.


On the other hand Viktor & Rolf's last collection...scary but in a good way.


It's amazing what the mind can create when you give it freedom of expression. That's what is all about. Expressing yourself through fashion as art with individuality and confidence.


This Summer 2010 collection is out of a girl's twisted fantasy! Sorta like disney gone right. They're like giving you a nauseating, cavity inducing dose of SWEETS (like the amount that I ate on Halloween, ugh). Sorta like giving you wicked fairy princess in an upside down world where everything is in excess. Oh wait. We're living in it. Wicked Pretty or Pretty Wicked.

The silhouettes defy gravity. AMAZING!!!

Never put limits on your imagination. DREAM ON!




Anonymous said...

Ooooo--eeeee, I'm all ABOUT this post. My big sister always says I don't dress in outifits, so much as in characters. Like one day, I'll be Parisienne chick, next day it's "Black cowgirl", then I'm bindi-Hindu-Bollywood mama, then I do an "ode to grandma" look, etc. It's so true, sometimes totally impractical. I pick up a pair of fuschia, silk peep-toe pumps or silver glittered t-straps and she's like, "WHERE are you gonna wear those?"...and, I'm like, "I don't know, but I HAVE TO HAVE THEM" ~ Mahogany Ferocious (aka The "Lily")

Rasul Sha'ir said...

Daaaamn...that's meeean ass show by Victor and Rolf. Oooh weeee! Love it!

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