Thursday, November 6, 2008

More Coffee Please.

My first day off in over a month of working two freelance jobs and working on my own projects. It's pouring outside and the fact that I should have washed my hair two days ago has me in a bit of a mood. So what do we have here: style being affected by energy level, weather and hair.

I'm putting absolutely no effort into getting dress, more focused on comfort than looking cute. I grab my favorite jeans that as you can see are basically on their last leg. A slouchy sweater that reminds me of my bed comforter (well not really but....yawn). I've tried several times to buy a pair of rain boots but I just can't do it. 

I've seen some really cute rain boots in shapes that are sleek and modern in matte materials but.....I don't know. Just not my style....i says Style before Function.

My boots are pretty beat up and that's why I love them, so I don't mind wearing them in the rain. They cheer me up a bit.

I stop myself from reaching for my new favorite jacket, (the one I wore in my last post) its sooo cozy and would look decent with this outfit but I need a bit of structure. I reach for my favorite leather jacket, a cropped dark brown jacket with cropped sleeves. 
Makes sense with the distressed jeans and boots, maybe a little too much sense. But yeah I'm not feeling it..It's ok but not so much.  Love this scarf, its huge and makes a dramatic effect when I wrap it a few times around my neck and the length is what I love.

I go in my closet and a vintage wool herringbone dress jacket catches my eye. I got it at a thrift store years ago it's part of a three piece skirt suit with vest. I've yet to wear the vest which has an odd shape or lack there of. 

This jacket is in a completely different style but the length looks good with the sweater, the color makes more visual sense then the chocolate brown of the leather jacket which had to much contrast to the grays and the loose structure balances the ruggedness of the jeans and boots.

Amen for getting dressed quickly when you're tired. Which gives me the idea to start timing myself...that should be interesting.


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