Monday, November 17, 2008

From DR To FL to BK to Holland in 15 Questions

Fashion is all about inspiration, many things inspire style; art, music, street scene, location and transportation. I've loved Nadege's style from day one, its sorta a relaxed understated sexy, no fuss, no fluff, just strut. 

She's traveling the world making art and looking fresh in the process all without trying too hard. Check it.

1. What's the first thing you think about before getting dressed?
What underwear should i wear with this outfit. (Yah: she's just being a tease ya'll)

2. Be honest, how long does it take you to get dressed?
Well depends on if i am feeling the first choice. if so, then it takes me 10 min. if not who knows...(Yah: oh I know what you mean, once I start thinking too much its a wrap)

3. You recently relocated to Amsterdam, how has your style changed?
Its changed some. i don't shop as much, and i have to think about whether i can ride my bike on it or not. good thing is - heels are ok now, since i dont have to walk.

4. What can you say about the Amsterdam street style?
Dutch women and men are super european trashy as you might imagine, but every now and then you will see a gem or two. its more carefree, more hair gel, and more blonde.

5. Real question is, how are the thrift shops in Amsterdam?!?
The thrifts are good. yet its all the same as in NY. some are overpriced and some are decent.

7. How often do you shop?
Once a month i might go and look for stuff.

8. Has the economy affected your shopping habits?
No i still catch myself pressing the "add to cart" button.

9. Share one of your fashion secrets?
Simple is best and accessorize accessorize. also i don't like mixing silver and gold. call me old fashion.

10. Name a recent fashion inspiration.
I dont have any fashion inspirations, my mom was always the biggest one. she made her own clothes and bought expensive leather boots (cause she couldnt make them)

11. What trend do you see in the future for underground fashion?
ive never thought about future fashion, i just do me. if anything i see big hair, tiny belts, baggy/tapered pants, and a lil 40s fashion (not all together)

12. If you could buy one thing without money being an object what would it be?
i'd buy and open ticket to go to the portobello flea market once a month in london in notting hill. (Yah: trae chic!)

13. Who is your fashion muse?
The weather is my fashion muse. (Yah: good one dege!)

14. If you could choose: personal tailor or unlimited shoes?
Personal tailor all the way. i am not really a shoe chick. i think they are nice, but id rather be shoeless. but a tailor! can make anything look good on you even shoeless.

15.What do you think is the must have item on www. cocolah. com?
i am really feeling the sexy secretary dress, i would wear that everyday, if i didnt have to ride my bike everyday or walk in 40 degree weather.

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