Sunday, December 28, 2008

You'd think I'd go out with a BANG

Truth is I've been starting, restarting, staring at this screen, at my pictures, at the time, switching screens from Facebook to Youtube. Barely watching the House marathon and wondering why I enjoy the show.

Thinking I'm hungry but it's too late to eat considering I'm working on a flat tummy for May/June.

Oh....I can tell you how I should've started making my NYE top days ago....that if I don't start tonight it's not going to happen. How Ima be mad if I have to end up wearing something else.

:( damn. what's happening to me??!? I'll tell you if you promise to keep a secret. shhhh.

I think I'm falling in love. wow. Act like I ain't just say that. WHOA.

Oh. I can tell you how I made the t shirt in this picture from a 5-step, rip, dye, bleach, dye, distress process. How they were part of my first tshirt collection the summer of 07. How I envisioned myself selling it at Barneys for $180 but really sold it for $50 on the street.

How it was waaaay too much work for what my market was willing to pay. How I later discovered the art of silk screening and felt cheated but felt better cus I hand drew the artwork. wooo! That was close.

I can tell you I made the necklace and the bracelet and if you give me 10 years I'll make my own jeans AND boots. So when the revolution come you build the house from floating wood planks, and tin ceilings and I'll raise our 5 babies, make all our clothes, grow our food and....okay. DON'T get me started on that.

The Parables of MY Talents

Here's to being on the path to collective self sufficiency.
Wild Seed.


Maybe I've squeezed out everything I can for 2008.
Can I just say that recognizing the power of FOCUS has changed my life.



PS. I'm addicted to hairspray the movie and now the styling agent.
My hair be looking SLiiiiicK these days....what a change!
If I don't say so myself. I feel brand new.

Thank you for all the love and support this year. I'm sooooo flattered.

Here's to reinventing, challenging, amazing SELF.

Closed till 2009.

Champagne wishes and Caviar Dreams.


Yacira "Yah, Yacque, s'aint yacque, "the yak" in YakBlak, La Cocolah" Valdez

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Kholi said...

that shirt is cute. love is cuter ... awesome post.

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