Wednesday, December 10, 2008

All I want for Xmas and more...


Guess who left the house today! Got called for an emergency, "please get there asap" freelance gig at a indie record company today. Didn't really have time to put any effort into my outfit so I threw on a black and white vintage top with a bold geometric print, black skinny jeans, black shoes and was out the door!

I have a confession to make, I feel a bit guilty complaining...after years and years of hoping to one day work from home. Your girl is done! Not only is it an isolating feeling but I eat more, exercise less, work more, sleep less, stink more, shower less!! LOL! 

Sorry but it's true!! Your girl be crusty sometimes, I roll out of bed and start working and have no reason to run an afropick through my hair. The other day I was at the computer plugging away, running my tongue against my teeth wondering, "did I brush today???"


Freelance jobs not only get me out of the house smelling fresh and looking clean (or vice versa) BUT always offer the opportunity internet browse, print! and be in an environment so stale I thank my lucky stars I work from home :) Grass is always greener. Pass it.

I ended up on my second fave site while trying to pace myself on a job that could've took an hour and stretching it out to three. 

The following are some of the pieces I'd like from the 2008 Fall Emporio Armani Collection. Thank you.

This is how you do sophisticated, glamorous grown up rockstar. Bet that's the softest leather jacket on the planet.....oooh! Tell me how fly I would look in this outfit....go head...tell me!!

The pants are a bit shiny for my taste but of course the pic is for inspiration purposes only cus....shooooooo. The pants cost more than my rent.

The pants are a breath of fresh air after a long stint in skinny jean country.

My style is definitely becoming more sophisticated, trying to keep my edge but dress like I'm ready to rule the world. The outfit above would make me look like a Terminator chick. Mess with me I'll crush you into smithereens.

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Karl-Edwin Guerre said...

still diggin' your site. can you send me all your 411 my computer crashed and haven't been able to access old info. let's talk soon and work on a project.
guerre (gear)

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