Thursday, December 25, 2008

Two Is Better Than One

In an effort to make room for new 2009 clothing :)
I've started getting rid of stuff I no longer wear, donating tons and shamefully throwing out pieces I've held on for far too long.

SIDENOTE TO FRIENDS: Please do not contact me whining about how I could've/should've given them to you.

When you're in a cleaning frenzy you just have to get rid of stuff ASAP or they magically reappear in your closet after closer consideration and/or to avert potential hating. :)

So! I came across my vintage daishiki collection, I have 6 ranging in length and color mainly because I just can't have just one of anything...I'm so extra with it. siiigh. I'm working on it.

For a second I thought I might be over with the style, I rocked them so hard throughout the years maybe it was time to move on?

Am I done doing the hippie this, hippie that? Peace and hair grease my brother.

Well....let's see about that. I tried it on already know how it goes right. I got excited and here's the proof. (FYI: not a good move to stop and have a photoshoot when trying to reorganize closet)

Damn....I do look kinda sorta cute in a sophisticated grown-up hippie sorta way. Sooo that means I'll keep it! Um them....heee.

Couldn't decide what vest I would wear....I'm leaning toward the brown cus the color compliments my skin tone. (batting eyelashes) Ahem.

Yes the cowboy boots are snakeskin. Heeeeeeeeeee hehehehheehe

BTW having the vest in two colors was purely accidental. I met the talented Morgan Love at the Afropunk block party. Morgan was selling her beautiful jewelry as well as vintage pieces. I tried on the vest and loved it but told self...self you do not need another fringe vest.

Ms. Love so impressed by how great I looked that she later came to my booth and gave it to me as a gift. GASP!!!!

I was extremely touched and flattered by the generosity of this lovely stranger. Aaah I blush.
Blushing and wishing, hoping and praying that this blog inspires you guys are inspired to send me clothes too!!! Hey a girl can dream right.

Do you understand how much fun I'm having doing this? Please know this.

BTW after the pics I walked my dog and got back in my pjs to try to get the clothes spilling out of my closet under control. Someone please spare some storage space. Please!

Ok...which one? Brown or Navy vest?

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