Friday, December 12, 2008

I've been a bit sluggish the last few days, with body aches and low energy. I think I'm coming down with something but hustlers don't get sick so I keep pushing on. Checked my email and realized the photoshoot that was up in the air is on and I hadn't prepared. Coffee hasn't kicked in yet but I'm willing myself up to get dressed and go into "THE CLOSET'. (scary music in the background) to pick out outfits for the shoot. I have about 2 hours to get dressed, put  3 looks together with accessories and shoes, pack and get down to the location.

There are things I rather not admit about myself, so I'll insist that..."I hate being late....NO! I'm not always late...I just...I...I...yeah"

This top jumps out at me because when in a rush it's best to choose one bold piece and work from there cus you're almost there. I've only worn this top once before with a olive green blazer that pulls the green from the top. Tried on the blazer and for some reason the fit is a bit off....maybe I did lose weight...yay!!!

Then I remembered it was a blazer I picked up at an outside fair to add another layer for warmth. Then I remembered I had checked myself out in a parked car window so maybe I didn't lose weight :( maybe the blazer hadn't fit as well as I'd thought.

I look in my closet and find this lavender heather it! It's obvious in the pic I'm feeling it yes? Clothing is not only about looks but how it makes you feel. Sorta like yo lovah. ooww!

Dark purple Levis skinnies and I'm almost there.

The shoes was trial and error process, almost changed my top because I couldn't seem to find the right shoe. I have to get better about documenting shoe changes cus it's so vital. I tried two other shoes that didn't work then said...wait! Let me try these and boom. LOVE it!

OK check it! This happened purely by accident I went into the closet again to figure out what coat I would wear. This number jumps out with exactly the same color palette I have on. WOW. Am I good or what?

Can't decide if I should give myself credit for my color management skills considering the size of my closet and number of options. Yes, I have an unfair advantage and I don't feel guilty about it. It's been hard work especially on a budget. (shrug) 

THEREFORE: You're good Yah. Real good. DO it girl!
Show em how it's done.

Easy as 1, 2. 3

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