Friday, December 19, 2008

Combatting Snow

When the night has come
And the land is dark
And the moon is the only. light we'll see

Stand by Me
Ben E. King

Did I mention that loves you. 
No. Really, really loves you.

Just checking!!

STOP!!! Do you see me poppin' my turtleneck. Yeah kid. 
Upgrade your colla?! Then POP IT!!!!

So the snow was coming down all day and every hour I'd look up at the clock and think..... 

Hmm I should really head to the supermarket.....yeah i still do my own grocery shopping...keeps me humble.

Finally at about I know. I finally decide to get dressed and brave it through the snow cus I'm hungry, gotta make dinner and definitely don't wanna go tomorrow morning. 

In my fantasy....ok, close your eyes and picture this, tomorrow morning "insert name" will make me breakfast in bed mmmm yes..... I'll eat, roll over into a fetal position and fall back to sleep...ahhhh. In my dream-state I'll listen to the sound of dishes being washed, closet being reorganized and the bathroom cleaned.  siiiiih.

Reality check!! tomorrow morning I'll still be on this computer working...but let's move on cus that's a sensitive subject. AHEM.

As I mentioned in an earlier post I do not own a pair of rain boots so you KNOW I don't own snow boots....really makes no sense cus it's pretty much a necessity if only to ensure the safety of the shoes you do love. I'm still in search of a fly ass pair hold up....let me rephrase that.....A fly ass pair I can afford. 

Snowboots for the snow? I said NO!! NO! NO~

AyO NatuRe! You wanna battle me?!?! Let's go! Meet me outside....I can take you. ESPECIALLY in my combat boots! wut?! 

I'll throw the snow right back up at cha!! In yo face fool. uh oh...No offense Mama Nature i was jus jivin'.....eeek! 


SO!!! I put on my boots and go get a tail to hang on my belt loop but no decide to throw all em on. UH OH!!! 

s'aint yacque Cow horn necklace, s'aint yacque linx fur necklace, s'aint yacque exclusive 3 finger ring, onyx and silver ring, mess of black and silver bangles bang bang go bangles.

A vintage HOLSTER, Yakblaks of course and then kids...THEN!!!! I pull out this silver grey cropped motorcycle jacket....this is the moment the jacket was waiting for!!!

That's all she wrote. It's done.

uh oh...feel a song comin on


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Monstah said...

You so fly!

Boa said...

you have an intuitive way of pushing the envelope: sometimes treading lightly, other times completely stomping over the delicate line that separates ying from yang. then you add a hefty dollop of fierce rockstar swag while simultaneously running a self deprecating commentary as a background soundtrack. very intriguing...

Kholi said...

awesome awesaome post ... it helps that you're not only fly but funny ...

and ummm ... i'm not sure if this outfit helped you beat the snow ... but i'm sure it would have convinced many others ...

nevermind. cool post. -_-

ru said...

yo that fit is insane too tuff

Anonymous said...

always on point . I can always count on you to up the ante you are a funny ass fly gal!!


PEPPER!!!!! said...

well i want to know how i can COP some of those jewels u mentioned in this post...the gray jacket was the cherry on top...

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