Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Dreaming of Winter White

By KrisH

On my way to work the other morning, I noticed a woman, very beautiful and confidently wearing the hell out of a pair of white, wide legged slacks with a ruby patent leather heel (right, Brian Atwood Patent Leather Pump). I dont even remember the color of her trench
because I was so fixated or more so internally debating my thoughts of
white slacks in the winter. I follow the motto, "do you" - wear what
looks good on your as long as you aren't looking a sloopy mess. But the
google search numbers don't lie - people still question if it's "ok"
to pull out the white post Labor-Day. Here are a couple hints on how to include a few pieces in your wardrobe in this winter.

1) You can never go wrong in black and white. I've noticed New Yorkers love black which is understandable it's sleek, slimming and simple. A classic black/white blazer and mens-inspired wide-legged wool slacks above make for a great contrast.

2) Although white can be a challenge to maintain, another solution is to
go for an antique or off-white shade that still makes for a sophisticated and clean look without being so bold.

3) Lastly, accessorize it - not comfortable or maybe even clumsy when it comes to wearing white as a top or bottom, try a white bag, hat, scarf or jewelry as an easy transition.

GREAT JOB Krish!! Excellent tips! You're such a great writer :) yay!
You're still fired doh don't get crazy.

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