Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Ms Chae's Pattern of Change

Met Ms. Chae through Lichiban who thought her designs would be great for Cocolah.com. Hmm...we'll see about that.

Ms. Chae didn't reply to my first email introduction and info about Cocolah. It's all good. A few months later when Lichiban sends us both an email introduction which Ms. Chae didn't respond to either. Oh Ok, I see how it is.

In the meantime I was busy sending an average of 40 something emails a day and receiving twice as many so I didn't miss Ms. Chae's email.

It wasn't until we met by chance at Lichiban's Samurai show that it hit me, Ms. Chae approached me wanting me to sign her newsletter list and gave me her card the name rang a bell. Hmm...your name looks familiar, I says. She doesn't remember meeting me. I don't remember meeting her but....hmm....Didn't I contact you about Cocolah.com and you ignored me?! She smiles a smile I can't be mad at and says "oh! you're Cocolah?" Whatever. Guess what?! You're fired!

In a blink of an eye I pushed her against the wall and got her swiftly into a headlock, pushed the cocolah flyer in her face and whispered in her ear through gritted teeth mean and viscous-like....


A household name even!!!
Is you crazy!?!??!?!

aaaaaaaaaaaaaaah! My eyes bug out and I take her clipboard and snap it in two against my knee Samurai style. HAAAA YAH!!!!

10x Blackbelt you ain't know did you?!? um hmm. so watch it.

whew. Cocolah.com does not promote violence. violence no. fantasy yes. yes. yes.

Turns out we share a few laughs and snips of future ideas. By the time the night was over I had her sending me her DIY project to feature on the blog.

Late nights. Fast talks.

Designer and tree hugger :) Ms. Minnae Chae creates ready-made clothes for her Re-design! Re-imagine! collection as well as repurposes clothes otherwise headed to the landfill.

In an effort to reduce waste and follow in the reuse, recycle mantra of the future Ms. Chae offers easy-to-understand DIY patterns to Re-design! Re-imagine! everyday objects like scarves, utility trousers and dresses.

I hope to see more of these in the future from Ms. Chae but considering our track record I won't hold my breath. heeehehehehhehe

So peep this. Merry Xmas from Cocolah.com!

Here's Ms. Chae's first feature!

A pattern on how to turn a scarf into a vest!

Pretty please, please send your photos when you go ahead and make yourself a vest.

Imagine the possibilities...different weights of fabric, patterns, texture. GO CRAZY!

Her clothing, patterns, and services are available for purchase on www.chema-d.com.

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