Monday, December 8, 2008

Not just Style. Life Style.


Got home late from an all day meeting. Challenge is to get dressed in 25 minutes to attend a 3 course meal at a fabulous restaurant where the invite says DRESS TO IMPRESS!!!! 

It's my buddy/partner, the BLACK in YAKBLAK, partner in crime and mental mogul, C to the Los surprise party at Merkato 55 in the meat packing district. 

10 minute shower. The outfit was pretty much all about the top, it fit me RAZOR sharp in all the right places. I hit a little snag with the pants but worked it out with an unexpected pair of pinstripe dress pant from my days at Corporate America. You never takes less time to try something completely different than to stare at yourself in the mirror knowing that the pair you have on is all wrong. 


Sloughy grey boots make the pant leg bunch up and make the pants look vintage/modern. Accessories up the wazoo. 3/4 vintage coat with the fur collar for drama, making the outfit look glam dirty Studio 64 sexy. Relaxed confidence that says "oh this, I just threw this together" whew!!!!  I wasn't 100% sure about the outfit but everyone else commented that I looked great, so hey.

So I was escorted by the Dapper Dan Michael in his 3-piece pin stripe suit and wool overcoat. 
Dan finds the need to demonstrate how a "gentleman" takes off his overcoat and jacket before he sits and places it neatly folded on his lap. All this while looking at his reflection in the train car window. I tell him I love that he loves himself THAT much. (shaking head, rolling eyes)

Of course, I had no time for pics. Sorry!

BTW! I have to apologize for my absence the last few days, I was time traveling. 

I love fine food second to fashion so I was soooo looking forward to dinner! The Grilled SHRIMP PIRI PIRI Shaved Coconut, Ginger Salad as an apetizer was soooooooo good. YUUUM my mouf soo happy! 

For my entree I ordered the LOBSTER PIRI PIRI Sweet Glazed Yam, Creamy Cabbage with the Coconut rice. Mmmm party in my mouth. The cabbage was a bit spicy and tangy balancing out the sweet flavors of the yam and coconut rice. mmmmm. The portion was perfect, I hate feeling too full, after dinner I wanted to roll over and be in my comfy bed sucking my thumb.

I want to eat like this everyday, have a personal chef, travel the world and sample exotic cuisine and SHOP! I want to shop at Jeffrey's down the block and come back to Merkato for brunch have a glass of champagne then head to the spa for a facial then off to my loft in Tribeca. siiiigh. Not just style. Life. Style.


The plate was set like a piece of art, while others (I won't name names) complained that there wasn't enough food, I said I looked forward to the day where I dined at places that served 1/5 the size. At places where food is not about the size of the portion but more about the symphony of flavors dancing on your tongue. YUM. I want to eat like this everyday. everyday.

Took about an hour to settle the bill because it was about 20 of us. I wish I could smack my black AMEX card on the table and exclaim, Happy Birthday C-Los! Dinner's on me. ONE DAY.

Moral of the story. Style is not only about clothes but how you carry yourself. Be aware of your surroundings and act accordingly.

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