Wednesday, January 28, 2009

INTRODUCING MIOBA!!!!! (short for MIchelle OBAma)

On the development front I will be welcoming three (long overdue) new designers to the fam in the coming days. STAY TUNED!!!!!! Very exciting.

On the personal development front, after many years of crossing paths with Miss Judith AKA The Hair God, she has graciously agreed to give me lessons.

Miss Judith is on the top of the food chain when it comes to hair. In other words, you have to save your dolla bills for a few months to get your hair done by Miss Thing.

I'm truly honored and hella ella ella eh eh eh excited.

You already know the blog pics are gonna get stupid cus soon my hair is gonna be poppin-er!!!!

I've secretly wanted to do hair since I was a kid but my social and touch anxiety got in the way.
True story. (violins please) I've grown to trust and touch and feel and love...uh oh!!!

I feel a song coming on:

Touch me, tease me
Feel me and caress me
Hold on tight and don't let go
Baby I'm about to explode

Case Featuring Foxy Brown



(short for MIchelle OBAma)

So I've decided to start a series starring Mioba!!!!
You'll get to track my progress!!!

This week's lesson was on highlights, cut and blow dry! Don't she look fabulous!?!?

Ok, so truth is I got fired from the color process cus I was too slow with it...cus I didn't fold the foil properly, cus I didn't brush the color on properly, cus, cus, cus Miss Judith don't play games when it comes to color...that's her thing.

She said, step aside and just watch.


I did quite a decent job with the cut doh maybe cus I had a pair of $900 scissors in could I fail!?!?!? Yeah you read it right. Miss Judith is serious about her craft. Her scissors: $900 My scissors: Straight out a SET from the 99 cent store.

I'm about to be a blow dry master, I can feel came naturally and if you dare make any Dominican jokes I'm coming to find you. No it's not in my blood. NO all Dominican women don't give good blow...dries.

Miss Judith says:

Blow Dry-ist = No Money
Colorist = Big Dollas

SO! Let's all welcome Mioba and Miss Judith to the family!!!!!

Flip your hair like Marsha Brady!


Handcock Harry said...

I can do your hair BETTER! : P

Kholi said...

this made me smile ... "blow ... dries."

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