Monday, February 2, 2009

Out of Service

To be honest I wasn't sure if I would post this pic, simply because I wasn't "seen" in this outfit and I find it a bit weird wearing something out that's already been featured on the blog cus....I'm a fashion snob.

I set out to BK on Friday night even though I wasn't feeling so great. My body was trying to get sick on me and my train wasn't running all the way up to my stop which meant on my way back home I'd have to transfer to a shuttle bus. Grrrrr!!!

Since I'm a woman of my word, my name was on the flyer and because I had already made plans with my girl Ndada I sucked it up got dressed and set out.

This outfit like many of my outfits is just a basic bottom and a dramatic top. Didn't take much thought except I tried on a different necklace and a pair of slouchy grey boots but opted for the black cus they're comfy and the restaurant I was going to is a bit of a walk from the train.

I get to Ndada's house to find that she's not dressed AND has to drop off her daughter off at her granny's....are you serious!?!?!?

You know I was mad right?!

For the next hour I'm debating if I should just call it a night and head home cus I'm moody, tired, not feeling so great and it's FA reeeezing name is on the flyer and my word is bond.

So I wait and wait and wait....

Thankfully Ndada's daughter Alafia is insanely funny and entertaining.....I teach her a top secret handshake, how to tell her moms "she's fired", so she shows me her "portfolio", I paint her nails, do her makeup, play with her dolls, have a mini photoshoot and harass Ndada about being slow.

Finally!!!! Ndada sets out to drop off Alafia and I head out to the restaurant cus I'm already late and since it's a's just not cool.

I get to the restaurant an hour and a half later, 40 minutes after the proposed "dinner" time and....there's 15 people at the spot, none of which I know. The waitress informs me that it's not a dinner party instead the restaurant is offering dinner specials.

OH.....umm hmmm.

I quickly make my exit because I'm confused, in a bad mood and over the whole night.

I text Ndada and let her know I'm making my way to the train...she texts back that she's on her way, which is a lie cus it takes her another half hour to get to me.

We end up at a Thai restaurant with poor service and "ok" Pad Thai.


By the way, although this hairstyle has not been featured on the blog I've been wearing my hair like this (in various lengths for over 10 years). It's back by popular demand for a limited time only.

I know I look bored don't I?!

It's written all over your don't have to say a word.


Kitty Hawk Vaz said...

But you looked so damn good!


luv you too Aunty Yah!


DENYSLIM said...

Leave your hair like this I likeee .
One of these days we can do each other's hair .

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

why are you so damn sexy

--secret admirer

Tracy said...

Miss me? I miss you! I miss you so much, I followed you today. (Just kidding--I hope you know that is a song) Mmmuahz!

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