Friday, February 13, 2009

Oh Fashion I love thee

Let me count the ways......9,343,3435,465,223,356

It's the most wonderful time of the yeeeaaaaarrrr!

OK, so here's how I'll spend the next few days.

I'll be me on the center cushion of my couch, TV tuned to the Metro Channel all day, everyday watching Full Frontal Fashion. My door will have a Do Not Disturb sign, phone goes straight to voicemail, emails go unanswered, I go completely silent with eyes glazed over.

From time to time I dramatically squeal, gasp, yell, grown, cry and pray, pray, pray for the day that I can sit in the front row as a mogul, editor, executive, socialite, celebrity and if all fails stylist and or buyer. No offense to stylists but I'm saying.....that would mean that while writing down my "must haves" I'd be shopping for someone else. Uh huh.....Nuh Uh!

Sooooooooo, enough about me!!!!!
Here's to Fashion Week!!!

Whoooooo Hoooooooo!!!!


Anonymous said...

Oh yes i agree just me full frontal fashion and my hes just not into you chocolates!!!!

Tracy said...

How can I re-enter your good graces?

I admire your strength as a divine mother, a constant dreamer, a revolutionary visionary, a forward thinker & a positive force despite all that life has aversively thrown your way.

paulette said...

Full Frontal fashion is like crack in the form of fabric.I get all misty eyed and I sit for so long drooling that my feet takes a few secs to get the blood pumping again when I move ((usually to press pause and go use the bathroom)).

Don't u worry chile...we'll be featured on that show one day...soon!!!!

Tracy said...

I want you!! Meet me at the Mandarin Oriental on 60th Street in May. I'll be in New York then. I'll forward the details via email.

I'm serious!

Tracy said...

Oh & Bring some of your work with you: Art, Earrings, Faux Tail-- I'll tell you which ones.

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