Monday, January 12, 2009

You wanna challenge me?! What?!

This is an official statement:

Dapper Dan Michael is my FIRST and one and only thrift partner.

I know....shocking!!!
I have forever and ever thrifted solo. Why cus?
1. I can't take the distraction and I like to take my sweeeeeet ol' time in the store. Rolling through the aisles once, twice, three times a lady making sure I don't miss nothin.
2. I can't stand the competition....I gotta watch the other shoppers and now I gotta watch you too!??! na offense but it's just too stressful!

3. Refer to #2...every man for himself

Dan and I can HANG....we've sat on mountains of clothes and just talked, space travelin' and harassin' each other while the hours pass on by. That's real love right there....real love for clothes that is. It's not like that...chills.

Dan's eye is a little ridiculous when it comes to fit and he doesn't let me buy ANYTHING that I don't need even when I whine, "but ima alter it" or "but I don't have it in THIS color"...he be like "Yah, it's just gonna sit in the pile on the floor of your closet with the rest of the stuff you don't wear."

Yeah, he be putting me on BLAST like dat! ALL my bidness in the streets.

So I ran an idea by him...

I've been wanting to ask YOU the reader to CHALLENGE ME.

I've challenged it's your turn.

Send me a piece of clothing that is...let's say offbeat,let's say different to see if "The Yah"
(that'd be ME)
can flip it.


Nooooooooo, I'm not doing it for free clothes. Now, why would you think a thing like that?!
Lil ol' me!??! Neeevah!!! Come on now!!!
I'm doing it to test my flippin' abilities.

So Dan Michael tosses me a dress and says "start here". It's the Dominican in him he doesn't understand ruff and tumble women who run with wolves...he's also a bit bothered by my hair...and sometimes when I'm talking he stares at it with a confused stare.

It's all good...cus I'm comfortable with my shiet...I knoooooows I look good. okay!?!

SO! I find this Reiss dress which happens to be in my color palette and the fit is perfect and I know I can rock it with jeans so I'm like this ain't even nothing. Please. Come on gotta come harder than that Dan! Big whoop!

I do feel like I sorta cheated with the jeans and the fact that its not really a girly dress but whatever....a dress is a dress right?!...Ima take what you give me and flip it into my own style any ol way so whateva...yah dig!?

so here's Yah in a dress. But look at my face know i'll still beat your rass if you cross me right......of course. HA!!!

I accept your challenge.

P.S. The freelance gig is not only allowing me to use they equipment but they paying me to post this. Life is real good.

Words of Wisdom: Pimp the System. Don't let the System Pimp You.

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Kholi said...

love this one! love love the dress!

**running t the closet ... thinking up a challenge**

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