Tuesday, January 6, 2009


Did you miss me?!

I missed me....missed this blogger voice whose sole purpose on this earth is to entertain and enlighten :)

So here's the real deal.

I'm experiencing technical difficulties....I think my Macbook is breaking up with me. I......

I won't get into it cus it's a sensitive subject. Really....I don't know what to do with myself...but everything always works itself out. There's other fish in the sea.

So whatever...siiiiiigh

So I hope to bring you not only your submitted and stolen pictures of your NYE outfits as well as the results of Cocolah.com's December Fashion Challenge in the next few days.

SO! remember that top I was supposed to be making for my NYE outfit. It didn't work...didn't work on many levels. The leather I brought was a little to heavy for the draping the shirt was supposed to have.....so it fell a little stiff. Not good.

Not only that but I ended up making a spur of the moment purchase, the pants in this pic which I do love in a Beatles sorta way but from the start I knew they wouldn't work with the top I had in mind.

I was under pressure ya'll! the store was closing and I loved the pants and figured I'd make them work some way, some how. Besides, they made my butt look REALLY nice..and hey that's priceless so I said, "pants, you coming with me buddy".

I knew I had these Beatle style boots that would work perfectly and figured if I give the band jacket another go...these would be the pants and boots to send the outfit over the edge.

Ok. So the NYE shirt didn't work, the pants didn't work with anything BUT the boots and since my girl Ndada suggested I show more skin...I figure hey! What better way to bring in the new year then to let it all hang out?!

Um...no....off to the fairy closet I go.

AHA...this might work....I picked up this little gem a few months ago, and every time I see it, I smile. I had been waiting for the right occasion to wear this ridiculousness. You have to see it in person, it's of a shiny satin that is as annoying as it is endearing. The buttons on the shirt were black with diamond insets...yeah i know....lol.


To make the shirt make sense with the pants I replaced the buttons for these gold toned ones.

FYI here is a short list of essential things you should have in your supplies. Needle, thread, random buttons, a good pair of scissor and fusible web for a quick seam repair.

I'll try to put a concise list shortly...that'd be a great blog entry if you ask me.

OK...So check it...

This is my Dynasty look to bring in 2009 in a Dallas sorta way. Mogul (in the making) Status, shoulders thrown back with a bad attitude, like waiting for my butler to assist me with my Mink coat and my chauffeur to open the door of my Bentley, riding downtown sipping on Dom PĂ©rignon. Pinkies up in 2009 bee....yeah. um.....


Happy New Year Daaaarrlin!!!!

Presenting Ms. Yah Carrington

The inspiration

Ms. Alexis Colby (Dynasty)


Anonymous said...

Yes...I'm in love with this fit!

...and the hair!

Kitty Hawk Vaz said...

cute-but still not enough skins..my resolution? to get you in some pumpum shorts and a cowboy hat by 2010.


Kitty Hawk Vaz said...


m. chaz said...

v.adorable...just checking if anyone got on the vesty fash challenge...the pdf on your site is my first draft...a clearer one is on chema-d.com. hope you're well. minnae

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