Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Who's your favorite tribal princess?

This is why I love fashion. Well, one of the reasons. You can take an ancient art form from a completely different culture and fashion it

In this collection J. Peg as I affectionately call him; went into the Amazon jungle? Pacific Islands? Using traditional weaving techniques used by indigenous peoples to create everything from a hut to live in to mat to sleep on by weaving LEAVES.

To truly appreciate fashion you have to appreciate art.

When you understand how a simple leaf weaved into a bag is an artform your creativity is limitless because you neither need money or an expensive school to be able to create something beautiful...and inspirational.

THIS COLLECTION IS BRILLIANT. The colors are amazing, the dresses are gorgeous and really take you to a fantasy island.

Aside from my underlining feelings on how America is ripping off world cultures and capitalizing on them while third world countries grow poorer trying to buy everything "American". I LOVE IT.

Whoops. Sorry...I really do try to keep my militant views off this FASHION blog but sometime...some things need to be said.

Who better to say it but your favorite tribal princess.

On another note, I'd trade my only child for that arm and body armor accessories. No seriously.

Here's a word from the O.G. weaver "Florence" from Guam breaking the weaving technique down to a lifestyle.

"So with this material (coconut leaves), I weave baskets, lunch bags, luncheon set, this is a mat for plates. I have to make a bigger one for the center part. My mom would weave the mat, where the family slept."

"For a pillow, we had the real cotton—there’s a tree on the hill, a cotton tree, that’s the only one I saw. So my mom would pick that, and we made pillows out of it. We survived, whatever we had."

"It’s a lot of work, but I enjoy doing it."

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