Friday, February 5, 2010

Gucci Fall 2010. Man oh Man!!

I looooooooove men's fashion and it's no secret. This collection belongs in my closet!! Not only do I have a collection of vintage men's oxford shoes but also a mini collection of velvet blazers AAAAND these are MY colors!! Which means....I LOVE!!LOVE!!LOVE!!LOVE!!LOVE!!LOVE!!

This collection had me gasping for air and having hot flashes. So during the show...yes I was there...I fainted and the guy in the brown velvet blazer almost gave me CPR but his agent stopped him when she saw me trying to switch his bag for the one I got on Canal Street. It was a simple mix up but security threw me out anyway. Straight bullshit if you ask me.

Men please take note at the casual and simple elegance on display here. The color palette is scrumptious. Each outfit is accessorized to perfection. The color palette says you're cash money millionaire RICH!

Yes color can say those things about you so mind your colors.

What more can a girl ask than a boyfriend who wears Gucci and wears Gucci you can share?

"A family that wears Gucci together, stays together."
Rev Run 

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