Thursday, February 4, 2010


V Magazine: The Size Issue

To be perfectly honest with you this is NOT what I want to see when I open a fashion magazine. I can care less about models and don't really obsess about who's who. I completely focus on the clothes.  On a size 0 there's really nothing to look but the CLOTHES!

When women have curves, booty, love handles and such you can't help but see them as human...and you lose sight of what's important here...CLOTHES!!!!

Aside from the poor styling job...I mean who wears Guess Jeans anymore? Seriously. And really, wheres the couture?! I mean this is V magazine!! If it had been beautifully styled this issue would be groundbreaking but as far as I'm concerned the most beautiful image was the nude.

The main issue about "Plus Size" fashion is the lack thereof,  options are slim (hee hee) and this editorial emphasizes that in it's lack of creativity we're used to seeing in V.

I'm ALWAYS watching my weight, trying to lose weight, trying to maintain my weight, etc. etc.

Not only does obesity run in my family but I am motivated by what

When I open a glossy it not only makes me want to eat healthier but motivates me to get up and go to the gym. When I'm working out I'm picturing all the things I can wear in my new and improved body.

By NO means do I ever, ever, ever want to be a size zero but when you're fit and trim clothes FIT better.

Maybe the industry should start using robots who only eat Spacely Sprockets and never gain weight or complain that they're not represented on the runways.


Shandra said...

Ok, I gotta speak up here. The typical model is a size 0, and these plus-size models are what, size 18-20? What about us poor, average size 8-10-12 women? Where's our special issue? And don't even get me started on pant lengths!

P.S.: Love your blog!

Trendy Plus Size said...

Sorry, but these "plus size models" are sizes 8-14. Not size 18. If you wear a size 6 or over, you are considered a "plus size" model in the fashion world.

It's great for you that you take care of yourself and watch your weight. I work out 5 days a week and watch myself, too, but am still a size 16. That's not all there is to it in life. As with different hair color, different heights, shoe sizes etc...people come in all different body shapes, too! I'm healthy, I take care of myself and workout--I want to wear nice fashion, too.

Maybe you should ask yourself why V Magazine had nude and half nude "plus size" models in their magazine--maybe because that was all the highly fashionable clothes they could find for them!


Thanks Shandra!


Trendy Plus Size,

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