Monday, February 8, 2010

I put the bass in my walk

I stumbled on this image at the Brooklyn Museum this weekend and I stopped dead in my tracks. Not only because the image was about 7 feet tall but because this image has a special place in my heart.

I had the same reaction when I first saw it about 12 years ago. It changed, rearranged, set straight my self-image and empowered me. As a barely 20 year old mother the last thing I felt was powerful. I felt vulnerable and overwhelmed by what was in store for the next...uh 20 years. But that's a whole nutha blog chile. uh uh uh!

I consider myself lucky even though only 1 out of 5 million images I come across speak to me and allow me to see myself through the eyes of the artist. It's a rare treat, one that I do not expect because I understand and cherish my uniqueness.

This Renee Cox "Yo Momma" piece was the first time seeing a body that looked kinda, sorta like mine (minus the six pack = womp womp) with it's masculine femininity and unapologetic strength. It was also the first time I saw an image of a mother that seemed so warrior-istic. It blew my mind and I printed a copy and taped it to the inside of my closet.  I later found images of women/mothers in Africa and was like OH! OK I get it now. I started to understand the role and position of the media in this country. Um hmm.

Problem = Solution.

After posting the Size Matters post I realized that not everyone has the ability to see themselves on the runway or in a magazine and that those images effect some people negatively. When I close my eyes I can see myself on a mountain top in the jungles of Brazil or on the streets of Paris, buying bootleg everything in China. Tap into the power of your mind and live a limitless life without boundaries. DON'T get me started cus I might just scare you.

Magazines to me are like paper doll outfits, me being the doll. I barely see the model, all I can see is myself in that Burburry suede coat, Gucci boots, Acne shoes. etc. etc.

When I watch a runway show I'm screaming at the TV "I would rock the SHIT outta that outfit"!!! "I NEEEEEED THAT IN MY LIFE!" OMG I'd do (insert random obscenities) for that piece and not oh that looks good on that model. What model!?! Regardless what the model looks like, inspite of her being white and about 6 sizes smaller than me.

There's a little space in your brain that allows you to create elaborate fantasies and makes life about 100 times more exciting and the best part is it's FREE and EVERYTHING is legal. Hmph...not even gonna go there. Let's keep it clean people. ONWARD!!!

When I'm watching a show all I see is ME! In all my glory strutting my ass up and down the cat walk like WHAT!!!!?? HOWYOUDOIN! Two snaps in Z formation. HELLO! Bowing down to Anna Wintor, salute to Leon Tally and peace sign Kanye, winking at Amber Rose, and giving Lady Gaga a confused squinted eye WTF look?

I mean I go IN!

That's IF I like the garment, if it's appropriate for my body type, if it's my style, if it's something that would make me look and feel FABULOUS. If not, I'm like HATED IT! FAIL! NEXT!!!

Once you have a clear body image and personal style you can enjoy fashion for what it is...clothes. It's not supposed to represent you. YOU represent YOU. Designers are not supposed to be humantiarians and help you create a healthy self image of yourself by putting models that look like YOU. That's your job. Designers are artists they create what moves them. Are we STILL relying on the media to paint a realistic image of society?!? You're kidding right?

Understand your body type, create a personal style and be the star of YOUR show. Don't look to the media to help you understand who you are and who you're supposed to be...I mean you do realize this is America right? Don't EVEN get me started.

 You don't like it? Start a blog, put yourself on Youtube, write a book, become a designer, photographer, artist or just close your eyes and fantasize..

Whew...that took a lot outta me! Im so passionate sometimes!


rucyl said...

yes! we have to make our own media!

niki.mac said...

awesome post!

Anonymous said... not even know where to START with this one, except to say that we are "here" **points to my eyes then back to yours to indicate that we are sympatico** Would write more, but on my way to gym to work on my unapologetically STRONG bod. Oh, and do laundry, of course.
~Black Lily

Birdie! said...

F*ck yes.

Ellie Di said...

Tell it! This is some seriously amazing stuff. Not only is that picture incredible (I need a poster of that for my house), but everything you're saying here is the truth. Looking at fashion as paperdolls is so much healthier (and realistic!) than what most people do. I'm sharing the sh*t out of this. <3

Angie said...

I love the concept of motherhood that picture portrays, being a ma is powerful!

Although I'm glad designers are getting a little more contentious about the sizes of their models, I 100% agree with you! Fashion shows/ads are about the clothes, not about a seemingly "perfect" person and how you need to compare yourself to them. I add you on bloglovin'.

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