Friday, February 12, 2010

Talk to the hand

You can basically wear these with anything from jeans and a tshirt to a black garbage bag and be the hottest bitch on the streets. Throw these babies on and everything will make sense in love and life. You'll have clarity, peace of mind, flawless skin and a flat tummy. What more can a girl ask for? 

Whoa-man down!!!! Someone please call 911~

I know this blog/site is about underground fashion but these here are the lust files. I love and respect underground fashion and my closet is full to the brim with fashion from unknown designers and thrift finds. 
My plan is to one day summon unknown designers from all around the world and have custom made pieces made especially for little ol me and ALWAYS be on that new shit. 
Summon as in: make me "XYZ" or off with your head!!! Have designers locked in the dungeon sewing away without food or water. WORK I SAID!!! FASTER!!!

Mirror, mirror on the wall..who's the freshest of them all?
That's when cash starts flowing of course. So for now I lust. Lusting is healthy in fashion, keeps your creative juices flowing. (i just wanted to insert the word juices...ok and the word insert...hee hee since we're on the topic of lust i figured hey anything goes)
You don't lust over things you can have do you? No, cus when you get it, you've gotten it...and you're on to the next person, place or thing to obsess about. 

This feature: The Lust Factor is a laundry list of things that make me cream but cost more than my rent so alas...I lust and I lust and I lust some more. Then I take the images Cocolarize them, sprinkle some new fashion "humor" and share them with you. 
Hoping to unlock your mind, and by using our collective energy you can assist me in manifesting these babies soon soon. 

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