Friday, October 16, 2009

Work it thru the pain

Leslie Hall is exactly what I needed after the suffering I endured this Fashion Week season. Watching the shows and wanting pieces that cost more than I make a year was like a stab through my cold, cold heart.

Nothing warms my heart more than making something, anything. Even if it's cutting up a tshirt. Creating is therapeutic especially if you can wear it after and make yourself up, put on your FACE and take a picture to post on Facebook. YUP!

Leslie Hall is right on; poking fun at fashion and pop culture all while giving you the business. She's getting in your FACE unapologetically with her style and brand of humor. She's definitely on to something if you ask me.

Leslie is doing the "uncool" cool thing. I get her. I truly get her. I get her humor and to be honest I wish she was my BFF in a strange way I don't understand but do.

Apparently she's obsessed with Gem Sweaters and has started a museum in her hometown of um Iowa. Check out her gallery of gem sweaters which is truly impressive to say the least. If you're into that sorta thing and why wouldn't you be?

I remember rocking my vintage gem sweater sometime last year and it's always a blast from the past, conversation piece and always sparks a smile, laugh or confused raised eyebrow. Hey make a statement by any means necessary. Right Leslie!?

That's what makes her most phuckin rad. (yeah I said rad, that's my Iowanian? accent.) She's expressing herself her way.

Beep the video...keep an open mind and laugh a little.

Fashion will make you do some crazy, crazy things.

Like plotting to rob your elderly neighbor for Gucci thigh high boots. I mean...not that I would EVER consider such a horrendous thing.... NOPE!

I mean I was planning to pay her back except she recently complained about living expenses and how it wasn't easy living Social Security check to SS check. So I scrapped that plan. I Do you know how many SS checks it would take to raise enough to get these babies?!??! TOO MANY! I don't got time for that!! That's why I played the Mega Million tonight! whoooop!

yeah. but look at them..really look at them. Do you blame me for having such thoughts?!

oooh! baby baby! Baby BABY!


BTW I don't plan on wearing these...I just want to lay them in the empty space in my bed and fondle them and whisper sweet nothings to the heel.


Oh yeah...Leslie Hall. DIY. No really Do It Yourself and leave me alone I need a moment.

This entry is dedicated to underground and overground (as in Heaven) fashion.

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