Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Touched for the very first time

So I'm still on the fence as to what I'm going to be for Halloween...which is what happens year after year...then the day of I hop outta bed and head straight to my closet to pile on random clothes and accessories and make a DIY costume that I have to explain....cus it only makes sense to me.

Soooooo! This year I've decided to go as Madonna Like a Virgin on the MTV Awards cus I'm feeling a little flirty...a tad bit slutty. yup.

So I Youtube(d) to figure out how to make a tutu...cus I live on the planet of DIY as in Do you it your damn self cus it is a recession after all.

See how easy that is...alls I gotta do is find myself a white corset, white shoes and some pearls and the burst of energy that I require to leave the house even doh I spent hours prepping and getting dressed. Having to always dismiss the thought that getting dressed WAS the fun part and that I will probably travel for another hour only to be bored in half the time because I don't really drink and I hate small talk.

I Cocolah vow to leave the house and leave the computer and stop claiming I have too much work to do because I will ALWAYS have too much work to do and I will go out and have FUN with other humans in the flesh and not via the computer screen. I Cocolah will take part in this Halloween because getting dressed, being in character and creating a fantasy is what I LOVE to do best and this is the one day a year that I have an excuse to go ALL out and not hold back and be in the company of other freaks who like to play dress up. YES!

To be continued...

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Anonymous said...

i dressed up as a "frenchy" last year on accounta i was broke (still am) and my co-worker had an inexplicable aversion to "FRONGS"..there's a word for it.."francophobia" who knew?? Anyhoo, my "costume" was fab, not because of the look (beret, striped frenchy shirt, strong red lip) because we ate the props (bottle of french wine and a baguette)after. From that moment on, i've vowed to always wear costumes which could double for tasty snacks in a pinch. The End.

p.s. Think about who your hurting prioritizing real, touchable, human-beings over cyber ones. Virtual besties have FEELINGS!! Did you ever think of that before throwing your love for "real" people in our faces? I hope you and all your "REAL" friends have an f'in blast. I'll just be over here drowning my sorrows with a crusty loaf and a corner of brie and watching the trailer for the new CHanel movie starring that chick from "AMelie" (great flick btw). C'est finis!!

~Mahogany Ferocious

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