Monday, September 7, 2009

Oh Dear Valentina Valentine

While monitor shopping Valentina Valentine stumbles on a picture of her dream of all dreams jacket. (dramatically sighs loudly, looks away, looks back, looks away..looks back. fights back tears. fails.)

"just don't say anything to me right i can't handle it." (covers face)

"I need a moment..." (stares blankly at the jacket, puts E.T. finger up to monitor, eyes go blank and faints.)


Rodarte Motorcycle Jacket
$3,795 (three months rent)

omg dear Jesus. god in heaven.
blessed be thy name.
oh the things i would do for this jacket.

like i'm censoring myself right now. that serious.


© T.I. Williams said...

I would trade a year of young coconuts on the beach or by the river for just one night with this jacket.

Love Warriors said...

I would sell my niece.

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