Monday, September 21, 2009

FUN with

My new mini obsession.... :)

It could either be one of six tell me.

1. I'm thoroughly obsessed with fashion and anything fashion related
2. I am a narcissist and love seeing myself, dressing myself, talking about myself and filling this blog with me, me, mes
3. I'm missing the days of splurge post-permanent job so this is recession proof internet monitor shopping.
4. Cheaper than thrift
5. Easy blog content
6. All of the above


Anonymous said...

And to think that you spend all day writing on your blog and focusing on yourself while I am over here helping meth addicted black gay men and their partners.

Thanks Cocolah for cheering me up.

Anonymous said...

hahaa! WOW. you must not know YACQUE. she's only capable of focusing on herself. it's where she succeeds the most. keep up the good work!

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