Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Aight nothing like the real thing!

Ideally, I'd be rocking these....even though I'd have to learn to walk in that heel but that's not the point..they're fire and in my fantasy I'm struttin' in these to the Marc Jacobs show...front seat next to Leon Tally. Um hmm...who would take one look at me and adopt me as his daughter. YEP!

Uh huh! These Alexander Wangs retail for about $795. Which is about average for what I pay for my shoes and half of what I pay for my bags.

uH hUh. that's riiiiight! HI HATER!

Back to reality. I ran into these today and I didn't even think twice before asking the salesperson to try these on...I mean I had the perfect blazer for them, shoulder pads and all. Hair was looking extra messy...black eyeliner smeared...one long chain earring in one ear and chipped black nail polish (not on purpose but lets pretend) I was rocking it out...

Well actually I was running to the bookstore to buy my son's textbooks with every dollar in my pocket accounted for but I said...SELF!!! WHAT THE HELL!!! It was your birthday yesterday...MAKE IT RAIN! I threw my money in the air at the girl behind the counter and told her I ain't need a bag. I'm throwing them bad boys ON! ASAP! Shorty...Ring me up!!! I threw my black Yakblaks on and hit the streets. You couldn't tell me nothing!!

Dropped $75 beans on these...and if you know me..anything about me...my shoes usually cost about $8 on average in thrift money. Please believe the kid will be paying for his own college tuition. Aunt Sallie will hold him down. Mama need mo new shoes and mo and mo and mo! praise lord!!! UH HUH!!!!

whew. i started getting flashbacks of when I first owned these shoes...I was about 12 years old and entering 6th grade...it was mid September when my moms had the bright to ship me off to Dominican Republic to live with my grandmoms....great.

I showed up at school the next week with a coral pink jumpsuit and white shirt uniform and these. The kids who by the way were probably AT LEAST 5 years behind in terms of American culture thought i was the weirdest thing walking the face of the earth. They called me FRANKENSTEIN (among other things, but we're not about to open up that wound). Somehow I still don't find that funny. Sniff.

AHHH!!! But these shoes make me happy!

Why? Cus they're Wang's inspiration shoe....which actually means they're actually the REAL THING...um hmm! that's right!


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