Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Push it real

You ever walked down Utica Avenue in Brooklyn?
Present day?
Uh huh.

Harlem on a warm Spring day? Exactly.

Just when you think the industry has used every morsel of underground fashion for "inspiration" here's them digging in the crates and being "inspired" by Salt and Pepa. But really by what the street kids in the hood are wearing.

Combining 80s, african prints, bright colors and big, exaggerated accessories.

Somethings missing though...something like UH!. Something like "what!?" Something like "in your face biotch". Something like "a fendi bag and a bad attitude". Na mean?

Been there. Done that.

Shot by: Josh Olins
Styling by: Clare Richardson
Models: Lily Donaldson & Liya Kebede

1 comment:

InnyVinny said...

I wonder if they used ProStyle on Liya's finger waves...

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