Thursday, May 13, 2010


So Intern comes into headquarters wearing this DIY tshirt. No he does not have a name. Duh!

His name is Intern, thanks for's kinda cute but you know Ima hate right. I mean I'm all for DIY, you know that...I encourage it...I'm trying to start a movement damn it!!'s an imposter Chanel and I feels like this...if you had time to work on a Chanel had time to work on a Cocolah tshirt. HELLO!? Am I wrong?!

I would've used strong language but he's only 16. I mean 17, it's actually his birthday's today. tee heee. HAPPY BIRTHDAY BABES!!! XOXO!

Oh but yesterday I wasn't so nice, yesterday I says flat out "Next time you get any bright ideas buddy you think about who's NOT paying you. OKAY?!?? Who works you to the bone and bribes you with accessories?!??! WHO!?!? You're looking at her. That's who. YOU'RE LOOKING AT HER!! (in mommy dearest no more wire hangers type fashion)

I stop and I spell it out C O C O L A H

Just in case he gotta get the spelling right for his next DIY project. (wink)

You're fired, I says real calm like. (He likes to count how many times I fire him cus he's a wise guy. SHDH. FYI he's been fired 4 times in 2 days. Which means he's doing an exceptional job.) Thanks Intern!

 He's about to be fired (again) for giving me this look!!!
Isn't he adorable doh...I know!!

He made it up to me by decorating his again imposter Chanel with Cocolah buttons and all's well, ends well.
You're rehired. Don't despair.



Nicole said...

Love this post... tooo cute!!!!...This is Le Street BloC approved...and don't worry intern>>she always fires me...Happy Bday!!!!

InnyVinny said...

Aww, he's adorable.

How many times have you cut him? I know you have at least twice.

Happy Birthday Intern!

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