Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Master Teamwork

What more can you wish for in a partner than someone that looks and thinks EXACTLY like you?!?!? That's exactly what I need in my life.

In sync.

Viktor & Rolf’s F/W 10 show was an extravaganza featuring the dynamic duo undressing and re-dressing the legendary Kristen McMenamy on the runway.


I think they're actually one person in two bodies...sorta like Siamese twins in reverse?
But um...not really? Well, you get the damn point. CLONES I tell you!!! CLONES!!!

I needed me cloned like 33 years never mind cus that would be like twins and twins weird me out. I'd marry her for sure, my clone that is and we'd live happily ever after in separate houses joined together by a bridge. Ala Frida and Diego my forever favorite dynamic duo.

Oh never mind cus I'd get on my last nerve. You're a workaholic and you always wearing my clothes. I want a divorce...I can't date someone as hot as me. Sorry it's not's me.

1 comment:

InnyVinny said...

Ok this is the BEST f'ing runway show I've ever seen. V&R are on some next-level and beyond type stuff.

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