Sunday, May 30, 2010


We play games. Jamaal and I.

I say strong shoulders, neutral, monochromatic, strong and he gives me this. If everything in my life could be this simple!

I would rock this cape till death do us part. Now if I could find someone to give this sketch to so they can make this for me I'd be set. Well...throw in a shoe maker and milliner and then I'd be set.

Oh wait...a chef and a maid...masseuse and a duplex loft in Tribeca where I can use the top level as a walk in closet and studio. With a rooftop olympic size pool and hot tub... I mean hey if you gonna fantasies go big.

Shrug. Don't hate on my dreams.

Jamaal Hooker fashion designer, artist, stylist, visual designer, etc. etc.

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