Thursday, April 22, 2010

Que Sera, Sera. Whatever will be. Will be.

Remember back when I posted this Acne Shoe Lust factor?

Well apparently somebody was paying attention. I won't mention any names cus I'm just not that petty. I'm one of them classy bitches that just hints but never drops names. I keeps it classy 365 days a year. YUP! Oh shut up, at least one third of that. You do the math.

I peeped Miss Thing's blog the other day and um apparently she's gotten the idea that this is the I LUST, YOU BUY factor. No Miss Thing. NOOOOO!!! (drag king voice, waggin finger at my monitor)

She done lost her mind and gotten my damn shoes (crying real tears, REAL ONES! uuuuh!!!) aaaaand she got the nerve to tell me not not feel bad cus she really wanted the gray ones. PAUSE!

UM HELLO!!! HELLO!??!??! (waving my hands in the air and running around my room every which way like I done lost my mind) Pause. Drop and Roll.


Deep breaths Yah. Deep breaths boo. Breathe!!! Doing Lamaze exercises.  hee-hee-hooooe hee-hee-hooooe (rolling my damn eyes)

OK. FIRST OF in the heezy is that supposed to make me feel better??? and B. The Lust Factor is supposed inspire YOU to buy for ME shit...not for YOU to buy you for ME! MEEEE!! (damn it!) Marsha! Marsha! Marsha!

Ain't this a muffukin bitch! (FYI I asked her if I could call her a bitch and she didn't reply in time for this post so technically I'm not calling her a bitch per se. I'm just commenting on the backwardness of this scenario) <---That was for all my feminists out there burning their bras and not wanting to be called a bitch even when it's in a good way and trust me...I've been called far, far a good way. (nodding head with a wicked, wicked smile) Siiiigh. Whew! Those flashbacks made me feel a hoe lot better. Yes, darlin' yes! HA! (doing a lil I gets mine old lady jig)

Oh wait. Back to the regularly scheduled fashion drama:

Hate comes in all flavors folks when it comes to fashion. Black and/or Gray. These are some dope ass platform booties. Siiigh. If they didn't cost half my rent I would have them too so there! Inny!! Take that!

I'm a Size 41 just in case any of you wanna rectify the situation.

She really thinks she cute. OK fine maybe she is but who's side are you on? HUH? HUH? WELL!??!

RMFERRH (rolling my fukkin eyes real real hard) I swear she's lucky she lives in Cali cus I would so rob her, wipe down the soles and try to exchange them for my size.

Without an ounce of pride. Umm hmm.
I have no pride when it comes to fashion my people. I hope you know that by now. I will beg, barter or steal. NO problem. Just ask my friends. They'll tell ya. Hee hee.

AYO shorty! Yeah you wif the bald head. Lemme holla at you real quick. (I'd pull out my super soaker and blast off) Come up off them shoes or somebody gonna die dead.

Dear Acne Shoes, This is how I Lust You.


InnyVinny said...


Ok, I'm playing, 'cause you'd probably stab me in the process.

How about I go half on one? Not one shoe. Eh? Eh?


soooooooo not funny.


I love Alicia! We will meet face to face in the future!

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