Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Make you wiggle, then giggle just a little

Every Spring I go down to Chinatown and walk around aimlessly till I stumble on the same store I've been going to for years but can never remember where it is cus Chinatown confuses, overwhelms me and when you ask for directions folks always say..."no English" before you can even ask the question. #righthandonbible

I go hunting for my default summer shoe that I throw on almost everyday to walk the dog, bike ride and/or shoot the shit. Which this year will replace my default winter shoe: my beloved combat boot...which go absolutely perfect with my new haircut. I MUST BREAK YOU!

Valentina Valentine reporting for duty

Gotta keep practicing smiling with my eyes. I need help Tyra! Call me girl!
They (back to the shoes) are a VERY generic pair of martial arts sneaks that I wear all summer long literally until the soles wear out. They're super cute, go with everything and look like vintage tennis sneakers. They're my throw them in the bag/backup shoes when I wear uncomfy shoes cus I'm tryna look cute but by the end of the night...ouchie and then boom! The save the day.

Huh? What'd you say?? I always look cute? Really!? Oh stop it! So sweet of you to say...I'm blushing!! Awww. Can you leave it in the comments though so folks don't think it's the voices in my head again...thanks.

This year I'm thinking about upgrading and I stumbled upon these.

Keds x Opening Ceremony

Soooo damn cute and will instantly make me look a little bit more dressed up than the white skips I love to love like most things in my life: the dirtier the better. But that's a whole nutha story ain't it. Of course I'd get the Zebra cus they match!

I wore Keds all through junior high school but back then I would obsess on keeping them CLEAN!!! Back then Keds weren't sexy or expensive...hmm...but then again back then I wasn't sexy, dirty OR expensive.

AY don't judge me!! It was the late 80s everybody was cheap!! It wasn't until the 90s that Lil Kim advised us to be expensive and rock the Prada sometimes Gabbana and be like Zsa Zsa Gabor, Demi Moore, Prince Diane and all them rich bitches.

So there you go.

Find them Keds @ Joan Shepp


psignus said...

im feeling the puma africa print type keds like these,default,pd.html ;)

InnyVinny said...

The cut is superdope. Suits Docs very well, I'd say.

Synchronicity again, because I just got my summer shoes yesterday: highlighter pink Chucks. Oh yeah.

And you know you always look cute. =D


pumas are hot.
yes they are.


highlighter pink? cute!

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