Friday, April 23, 2010

Cunty, Cunty, Cunty, Cunty

The amount of money I spend on magazines is really ridiculous considering the abundance of information I can find online. There's just something about holding a magazine in my hands and passionately ripping out images to post on my inspiration board with a pirouette. BING!

I enjoy everything from layout to ads and everything in between. The process of reading it from cover to cover and placing it neatly on the top of the pile of old magazines I can not bare to part with warms my heart. Another one bites the dust. Literally.

In the last few months my magazine intake has increased drastically due to all of the Alexander McQueen tributes. I figure it's an investment in my future, research if you will. Sorta like Law Journals to a lawyers.

Ahem: Fashion magazines are MY Harvard Medical Journal. Adjusting my posture and dusting off collar. POPPED!

Speaking of which, can someone puleeeeze come over and help me scan "a few" images from a 5 foot stack of archived magazines?! Please email me at: Please and thank you.

Vogue Paris pays tribute to Alexander McQueen.
Photographed by Steven Klein. Styled by Carine Roitfeld

Lily Donaldson is smokin' in this spread... UMMM HMMM! Miss Thing! HOT HOT HOT! Ole ole - ole ole / Ole ole - ole ole

I need more images like this in my life. Part Madonna during the True Blue era. Part Helmut Newton. I love me some strong women. Oooo eee!! Yes I do and you should too!!! (Whistling and nonchalantly pointing to self.)

Truth be told these images make me feel normal. (Extended pause and look off to the horizons, violins playing in the background.) Noooooobody knows.....the trouble I've seen.

Read into that as far as your mind can reach.

Cunty, cunty, cunty, cunty, cunty!

For the readers out there that don't understand the word cunty. Don't despair.

This is how Wiki breaks it down.

In "gay slang" the term cunty is used to describe something or someone being extremely original, impressive, or fantastic in regard to style (fashion or music) or demeanor. Both "cunt" and "cunty" are used interchangeably, often in adjective form.

Originating in Ball culture, the term was popularized by the song "Cunty (The Feeling)" by drag performer Kevin Aviance.

Yes bitch. I'm done with this post. It's time to do runway huney. SNAPS! WERK!


InnyVinny said...

Firstly, this ed is hot fire. Dylan type hot fire.

Yah, you should be here see the Tranz-Kunt-Inental show with me. Somehow, I think you'd enjoy it. LOL.


oooh! where are the pics?!?! just hope you didnt wear my shoes to the ball. bitch.

black lily said...

black lily went to high school with kevin aviance. true story.

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